5 Best Dog Food Storage Containers

Best Dog Food Storage Containers

Good day or night to you! You are always welcomed here, my dear readers! Today I’m going to rise an extremely important question – food storing. People from the dawn of the time were interested in finding the best way to store their nutrition. They’ve used cold caves and deep pits, later cellars and only for less than 80 years fridges. However, all of above-mentioned things were used to preserve people’s meal. What about our doggies? Well, dog care (actually this could be said about other pets as well) is not that common thing for people. Not every person can look after our four-legged friends like after their children. On the other hand, what am I even talking about? There’re no indifferent souls!

Dog food containers should not be thought-out as a fad. This is necessary stuff! Especially for those who like to buy in reserve. Well, this is too long an introduction… No time waste! Read this article carefully, my dear friends, and you will know everything about dog meal storage containers by the end.

Reasons to Buy a Dog Food Container

Fresh meal

Most of food containers, both for people and dogs, are made hermetic, unlike the bags in which it is sold. That is why buying big bags that will be left half-open for a long time is not wise. Insects, as well as bacteria, could get in there. Moreover, I really doubt that you buy or make food for your dog for each meal. That is why it should be preserved fresh.

No overeating

No matter big dog or small, naughty or calm all of them even well-trained like fooling around and beg for an extra treat. If your answer were negative, they would probably rip up a bag themselves. Such behavior will cause overeating which consequences I shouldn’t explain!

Children safety

With little children, everything, including your wallet should be locked (the hardest thing to lock, by the way). Especially, hide and lock something that they could eat but shouldn’t. Dog nutrition is not poisoning for adults, but children are not immune from allergic reactions and choking. Make your home a safe place for everyone you love!

One more step toward a mess-free house

The most obvious reason, right? Maybe that’s only my obsession, but I just love when everything is systematized and hidden to containers or boxes. More than that, the house looks groomed in this case. And experienced dog parents won’t let me lie that overeating causes small pieces of food being all around the house!

How to Choose a Dog Food Container

As you can see there are plenty of reasons to buy a container, but how to choose the most suitable one? Below you will find the main criteria.


Everything is better when it is preserved in an air-proof packaging. Dry dog food is not an exception. Do not leave bacteria and moister that live in the air corrupt your pet’s food.


This criterion is for 100% is based on your needs. The manufacturers have infinite imagination. So, whether you need 1 in 2 containers and feeding station or stackable boxes you will find the best for you.


The dog food container should be solid, because dogs, take my word, love to chew everything, and especially something that contains food inside. One other thing is that material of box should be safe (BPA-free).


The simplest point as a size of your dog’s food container depends on food amount. Remember, that there is no reason to buy a big container if you buy feed for 5-7 times. The extra-air inside spoils the entire positive effect of such storing.

Best Dog Food Containers

IRIS Airtight Food Storage Container

IRIS Airtight Food Storage Container

Photo: Amazon

I’d call this food container classical. A simple form combined with an airtight lid and lucid material makes its destination obvious. The only modification is small wheels. The dimensions of this item are 16.50″ x 10.83″x 18.63″. They make this container universal. Though, containers by IRIS USA are presented in a lot of different models from 10 to 54-pounds boxes. All of them are perfectly airtight and equipped with seal locks that keep bacteria, pets, and water out of food. More than that, I should tell that having one dog food container sometimes isn’t enough. That is why space-saving construction is a great pro. These containers were designed specially to make meal storage handy, safe and esthetic.

+ Universal dimensions; Some consumers report on broken and hardly maneuvered wheels.
+ Neat and convenient form; Less than 1% of buyers claim on lock defectives.
Airtight lid with reliable seal lock;
+ Simple and yet functional wheels.

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Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

Photo: Amazon

This container was produced in the USA using only BPA-free materials. It doesn’t have wheels; however, it was designed especially for those owners who like to buy in reserve and portability of this item wasn’t their main goal. Nonetheless, it serves best for this role. Easy access (not for pets, of course) airtight container will make every meal a happy time both for you and your four-legged friend.

For your comfort producers made food containers available in 3 sizes: 30, 50 and 80-pound. The one we are interested in (50-pound container) has a capacity of up to 13 gallons. The dimensions are 14″ x 14″ x 20″.

+ Easy access container which retains freshness and odor inside; Non-portable;
+ Airtight seal; Mocha Granite color is believed to be not universal.
BPA-free materials.

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Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Stackable Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback StackableAirtight Pet Food Storage Container

Photo: Amazon

And one more container by Gamma2, which is, to my mind, much more functional than the previous one. Have you noticed the difference? Well, this kind of a tube with airtight seal on the end makes this wonderful dog nutrition container adjustable to any place. You can put it on a shelf, floor or cupboard and rotate it as you want. Moreover, you can even buy two containers and put them one on the other. The design allows you to buy even two or three containers of different sizes to put, for example, treats and fodder to separate boxes. The dimensions are 21″ x 12″ x 17″. Capacity of this size is 9.9 gallons of food.

+ Stackable; Some customers claim that the containers were deformed standing next to cooker;
+ Airtight lid; Also, about 2% of consumers reported that the bottom container was collapsed by the weight of the top.
Reliable seal lock;
Multiple placement variants.

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BUDDEEZ Large Fresh Dry Dog & Cat Food Plastic Storage Container

Photo: Amazon

However, this item is smaller than all of previous ones, to my mind the process of feeding your dog would be more effective. This dog meal storage container has a specially designed spout that minimizes air contact while pouring food into the bowl. On the other hand, this box is presented only in one size (19” x 10” x 20”) and it is clear. Take to the consideration that this box wasn’t designed for those who like to buy a lot of food. This is, I’d say, the kitchen size. More than that its slim shape will save your place in the cupboard and the airtight lid will not allow the smell of the dog meal to be absorbed by other products.

+ Slim shape; About 3% of those consumers who gave 1 star to this item complain about obstruction of the pour spout. Well, probably food they’ve bought contains too big kibbles for this container.
+ Pour spout;
BPA-free safe materials;
Max airtightness.

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Morezi Pet Food and Treats Containers Set with Scoop

Morezi Pet Food and Treats Containers Set with Scoop for Cats or Dogs - Beige Powder - Coated Carbon Steel - Tight Fitting Lids - Storage Canister Tins

Photo: Amazon

This set is just as adorable as gainful! The set contains two jars with airtight lids and the scoop for handy bowl filling. Containers were made out of coated carbon steel in the following dimensions: 9″x 6.1″ x6.1″ (Dog food); 5.9”x5.1”x5.1” (Dog treats). You will never hide these vintage beige food containers as it fits any kitchen style!



+ Non-plastic; For several customs, these containers seemed to be too small. So, look through the dimensions carefully!
+ Stylish;Moreover, there is one negative comment about the shipping product.
2 tins in set;
Available in different shapes;
Easily washed and don’t absorb the smell.

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Why do you need a dog food storage container?

Well, I keep telling that your pet should be treated as an equal creature. That is why food quality is not just empty words. You need to be sure that feed is fresh and without any contamination. That is why simple bags, where food is sold, are not a good idea. Your children or pets itself could overeat it, the moister could spoil it, as well as different insects. More than that, you won’t buy a new package of food every week. You can make a reservation for a month or maybe more depending on dimensions of your food container.

So, I think that food storage container is just one of those things that are necessary for 21st century!

What’s the dog food shelf life?

That depends on foodstuff brand and products that it was made from. To be more specific, we know that generally nutrition for dogs is divided into following types:

  • Dry (general shelf life for a closed package about a year);
  • Canned (it is believed to be fresh for 2 years from the date of production);
  • Raw (as well as products for humans’ raw food without a fridge is a terrible idea, but there is such new invention as freeze-dried raw pet food – shelf life could be long, however, I do not recommend to use it).

How to recognize spoiled dog food?

Several factors could sign on a spoiled dog meal:

  • Bad sour odor;
  • Insects or extra moister in food;
  • The expiration date was long ago;
  • A container or bag of food was moved from heat to cold;
  • Your dog feels sick after eating it or refuses to eat it.

Is it possible for the dog food to become stale?

Naturally, if you violate the storage rules. For example, a bag of meal would be opened and insects and moisture could get there. Also, you need to remember that there is nothing eternal. Look carefully at the expiration date! This, incidentally, concerns not only dog ​​food!

How to choose the best dog food container?

It’s not right to give this choice to your heart. Here it is necessary to approach an issue extremely focused. Firstly, you need to understand what size of the container you need. Then be sure to filter out containers made of prohibited materials (BPA-free plastic only, remember). Also, be sure to check whether a lead fits tightly and whether pet or child can open it.

And a few words at the end as an input. A container is not a luxury, a whim or an advertisement – it is a necessity that is dictated by safety! Take care of your dog, do not buy another toy, but make sure that food it eats is always fresh!

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