About Me and My Pets

My name is Julia Laign. I’m living and working in Chicago, USA.

When I was a child, I rescued a bird which has hurt its wing. That was a laborious process – to help that little creature and not to scary it at the same time. When the bird was able to fly again, it dawned on me that I should choose another profession. Sure, you’ve guessed it, I became a veterinarian.

My Experience and Qualification

Working with animals is integral part of my life, which never ends (even at home!) but that’s not a disadvantage at all!

Talking about experience, I can boast of:

  • Having Diplomas of 1-3 levels in Professional Dog Grooming;
  • Being a volunteer in several Chicago animal centers;
  • Taking care of my own pets during more than 15 years;
  • Walking with dogs of my friends (as hobby) and clients (as work).

My Pets

Currently I’m taking care of 3 pets: cat, dog and hamster. They are my friends and part of my family too. I love them equally and try to give them all they need.

My cat’s name is Daffy. She is a not purebred cat. She appeared near my house two years ago and I could not leave her alone at the street. Daffy is so lazy! Her favorite things are sleeping on the sofa, sleeping on the floor, and sleeping… Anywhere.

My dog’s name is Richy. He is a Golden retriever. Unlike Daffy, Richy is very playful and energetic. His favorite toys are two plush rabbits and yellow ball.

My hamster’s name is Rhino. He was named after the hamster from the Bolt cartoon. I’ve taken Rhino from the shelter. He was so scared at the beginning, but now seems to be very happy.

My Mission

My mission is to help pets’ owners to take care of their little friends. I am sure my pieces of advice will help people to understand what their pets need, how to walk and play with them, which food is better to choose. Hope, this blog will make hundreds of owners and their pets happier!

My Vision

I am going to make my blog helpful by giving only correct and checked information. I am here not for popularity. My purpose is to help people and animals all over the world. Articles, which are published here, are useful not only for owners, but for people who would like to get a pet, but can’t decide which one, and for those who are just great fans of animals!