The Best Cat Trees to Buy in 2020

best cat trees

Here’s to all of the cat lovers out there! If you are a happy cat owner, you know how challenging it may be to satisfy their needs. Do you regularly visit pet stores, looking for new toys and bed? Even if there are tens of them surrounding your furry friend, you still want to do more!

Best 3 Cat Trees

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree
  • Affordable price
  • Stairs and a sleeping area;
FEANDREA 67″ Multi-Level Cat Tree
  • Covered with plush;
  • Scratch pads.
FEANDREA Cat Tree for Large Cats
  • Covered with plush;
  • Scratch pads.

Your pets need a comfortable place, where they can play, relax and of course scratch without fear of being caught. In addition, cats love being on higher surfaces, which gives them a chance to see what’s happening around and be ready for a jump. That is when cat towers come in hand.

In today’s article, I will tell you about the best towers and condos, will explain how to choose the best design and material, and of course will answer all of your questions! 

Best Cat Tree House by Our Opinion

I have reviewed tens of different trees and towers to find the best market representatives. I have come up with a list of necessary features, like comfort, materials, entertainment elements and of course quality.

In addition, I have compared condos considering the place they occupy in different apartments and houses. This means that after reading this review you will have all the information to buy the best tower for your furry friends!

Once and forever you will forget about the boredom of your pets, scratched sofas and carpets, and their invasion on your favorite bed and pillows!

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

Photo: Amazon

Let us start a series of reviews with Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree, one of the most popular trees on the Internet. It is a compact version for owners, who have limited space. However, this tree is still packed with a variety of features:  toys, ladders and sleeping areas.

This cat tree will surely occupy your pets and you won’t have to worry that they are messing with your couch, while you are away.

Really, one of the most important features this tree can boast is the number of options it offers. They include common platforms with bed and climbing areas, a floating platform and a hammock, where your cats can chill and enjoy themselves (although without Margaritas and lounge music).

There is also a cuddle tunnel on top of the tree, where your cats can occupy the highest position but still be hidden from others.

Main features of this tree include:

  • Stairs;
  • Play rope;
  • Plain beige colors that will look good in any interior;
  • No chemicals were used on the production stage.
+ Costs $60 and is surely a great solution for a limited budget; Construction of the top level may be loose in a few years.
+ Comes with a variety of toys and useful features; 
+ A cuddle tunnel.  
Buy on Amazon

Yaheetech 51″ Cat Tree Tower Condo

Yaheetech 51 Cat Tree Tower Condo Furniture Scratch Post for Kittens Pet House Play
Photo: Amazon

This cat tree from Amazon also costs $60 but is even smaller than the previous one (51 inches).  Construction of the tree is made out of the best board, which is both strong and flexible. Soft materials were used to line the parts, so your cats will be very comfortable and safe in any part of the tower.

There are also stairs on different levels, so your cats won’t need to jump from one part to another if they feel tired or are too lazy.  There is also a sleeping area on top, where your pets can relax.

In addition, there is a strap for the wall, which will make the construction even more secure if you fear that the tree may fall down.

+ Affordable price; It is quite small. if your cats are plus size and love food, it will hardly be spacious enough.
+ Stairs and a sleeping area; 
+ Wall strap 
Buy on Amazon

FEANDREA 67″ Multi-Level Cat Tree

FEANDREA 67 Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats, with Cozy Perches, Stable
Photo: Amazon

FEANDREA is a cat tree for the most sophisticated owners and their cats. Its price is $125, which is twice more expensive than the trees we have discussed before. However, it can offer a variety of features, including nine perches, ladders, tens of toys, ramps, sleeping areas and much more! 

It is perfect for large cats and for those, who own several pets. The construction is very strong and is made of first-class materials. This means that you won’t have to worry about your cats’ safety when choosing FEANDREA.

In addition, you can always buy additional items, beds and scratching pads if you find that the tree needs improvements. 

+ High-quality materials; Price. It may be quite costly for an average pet owner;
+ Good for large cats; The construction occupies lots of space, so you will need to sacrifice a few pieces of your furniture to please your cats.
+ A variety of included items. 

The tree comes in gray and black colors, so it will surely fit any interior. If you are looking for a tower that has all of the necessary features, I recommend having a closer look at FEANDREA. As a bonus, it has a 30-month guarantee.

Buy on Amazon

FEANDREA Cat Tree for Large Cats

FEANDREA Cat Tree for Large Cats, 2 Cozy Plush Condos and Sisal Posts
Photo: Amazon

If you are not sure whether your cats will like towers and prefer starting your search with cheap cat trees, pay attention to FEANDREA Cat Tree for Large Cats.

It costs only $47 but offers a range of options for cats of all sizes. All of the levels are covered with plush and make relaxation of your pets comfortable and pleasant.

Scratch pads are covered with quality sisal ropes, so your furniture and other parts of the tree will be safe. This will give your cats a chance to exercise and will save your nerves. As a bonus, FEANDREA Cat Tree for Large Cats comes with a dual playhouse, where cats can play and nap with space and comfort.

+ Costs $47; Scratch pads.
+ Covered with plush; 
+ Scratch pads. 
Buy on Amazon

BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo

BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo Furniture Kitten Activity Tower Pet Kitty Play House with Scratching Posts Perches Hammock MMJ01
Photo: Amazon

If you trust experience and recommendations of a veterinarian and a cat owner, you surely need to pay attention to BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo. I have three cats and all of them love this tree!

It greatly simplifies lives of cat owners and is specially designed for families with many cats, where they can all have enough space of their own. They can play together and then take a nap in separate zones without interrupting each other’s privacy.

There is also a security strap, so you can attach the tower to the wall. The tree comes with lots of toys, a hammock, several levels and sleeping areas. 

The price is $130, which is not the cheapest option. But considering the quality of materials and cloth, it is really worth the money!

+ Great solution for owners of several cats; Pricy.
+ Multiple sleeping zones; 
+ Quality cloth and materials. 
Buy on Amazon

Features to Consider in a Cat Tree

When selecting a cat tree, you can either order the same as your friends have, show your cats a few examples to choose from or you can compare all of the features and pick the most important ones.

Here are the things that you need to remember when choosing a new tower for your beloved cats: its size, quantity of levels, variety of toys, materials it is made of, base, cost, size of the apartment and footprint, and of course presence or absence of scratch pads.

Which Size Is Best

It is not a secret that size always matters, especially if we are talking about trees for cats. Luckily, there are cat trees for large cats, for small ones or even for owners, who have several pets. 

Towers come in all sizes, starting with miniature ones and ending with those, which may occupy whole rooms. The two main features you should base your decision on are the size of your apartment or house and the place, where you want to put the tower. 

There are both horizontal and vertical trees: first ones are for homes with lower ceilings or with shelves and cabinets on the walls, while second ones are for homes that can’t boast too much space.

Another important feature is the size of your cat and how many of them you have. Surprise, surprise, if you cat weights as your toddler or you have three furry friends around you will definitely need a more spacious tower.

Construction and Cover materials

The most important thing you need to remember is that the material the future tower is made of is not so important than the quality of its construction. Keeping this in mind, let’s discuss the most popular and qualitative types of constructions that exist on the market.

  1. Solid wood
    Solid wood is a natural material that may be quite unpredictable. This means that it is usually more expensive and rare, compared to engineered wood.  In most of the cases, towers made of solid wood become parts of a modern and quality design of the room. If you are a style diva and not limited in funds, you can pay attention to solid wood!
  2. Engineered wood
    Don’t worry, I won’t give you too many complicated details and data. Just three main types of engineered wood, with their own benefits and flaws:
  •  Plywood. Basically, these are layers of thin wood that are glued with each other. It is very durable and acts as a great material for building cat homes! 
  • Particleboard. It is the most economical material, which is mostly used in cheaper towers and condos. Particleboard is created from byproducts that are connected with different binders (mostly resin);
  • Medium density fiberboard (MDF). This type of wood is made from glue and wood flour. In most of the cases, such materials are much stronger than solid wood. 

As you see, there are all sorts of materials depending on your budget and preferences. Just pick the one that suits your needs and proceed with colors and design!

Design and Color Choices

If you feel yourself like in a candy store, when searching for a new dress at H&M, double or even triple the feeling and you will understand how many cat tree designs exist!

You can choose from a variety of color schemes, designs, sizes and materials. It is possible to find what you are looking for even if you are craving for an exclusive park of attractions covered in silk and leather!

However, if you want the design of your cats’ tree to be also practical, it is better to pay attention to dark or neutral colors. The most popular are blue, beige and brown. If you know exactly what color you need (to make the tower a part of the interior), it is better to choose a tree that comes in a variety of color patterns. You will just order it, wait for a couple of weeks and become a happy owner of a leopard or a neon yellow cat tower! However, before ordering it I strongly recommend asking your cats for their opinion.

If you prefer classical options, you won’t even have to wait and will leave the pet store (or the web-page) being a proud owner of a super awesome and modern cats’ home!

Common Activities and Features

Pay careful attention to this section, because cats are very difficult to satisfy and you risk of wasting hundreds of dollars on toys that your pets won’t even want to touch! Below are the main types of activities that cat towers may include:

  • Hanging toys

Almost every tree, condo or tower can boast all kinds of hanging toys: feather, animals, balls and so on. They are bright, can move or make sounds, catching attention of your furry friends. They will grab, wrestle and swat those toys, giving you some time to enjoy your coffee and snacks.

Hanging toys are more popular among younger cats, so if you have one of more advanced age, you can buy a tower without such objects and add them in future. They are usually attached without any difficulties.

  • Scratching pads

If you could name the most annoying thing that your cats do you would probably name scratching! It seems that they can never get enough, doing all those noises even in the middle of the night. If you want to put an end to it, it is better to include scratching pads and posts to the cat tower, so that your pets could sharpen claws any time of the day and night.

Sisal rope is a perfect solution and is included to the majority of modern trees for cats.

  • Perches

Just like we love pretending that we are superstars while singing in the shower, our cats love imagining themselves predators, looking for another victim. That is why they like sleeping on higher surfaces and observing the room from countertops, couches and wardrobes.

That is why most of the condos contain perches and different platforms, where your cats can relax and watch what’s happening in the room.

  • Ramps

If you choose a tree or a tower with a variety of levels, there will always be a ramp, because it is the element, which connects those levels.

It is the most favorite feature of elderly (or lazy) cats, who find it challenging to get from one spot to another by jumping. In addition, ramps are a great solution for those, who have several cats, because they provide additional space for sleeping and observing.

  • Area to take a nap

Cats spend most of their time in sleep, so the cat tower you choose should definitely consist of a place, where your furry friends can relax.

Usually, these are small rooms with walls and a ceiling, where pets can hide and have some privacy. Cats enter it through a hole, hug their favorite toys and just relax. 

Price Point

When choosing a cat tower you will be pleasantly surprised to see that there are plenty of options for all types of budgets. However, if you want to spend $20 on a tree, you will most likely find a cardboard box, covered with sisal ropes.

Majority of condos and trees cost $40-$200, depending on the size, material type and design. If the price exceeds $200 it usually means that such tree contains exclusive features and additional characteristics. For example, unique design, huge sizes or handwork. There are even trees that resemble well-known sceneries and items like Titanic, jungles from Jurassic Park and so on. They may cost thousands of dollars. Do you really love your cats that much? They will hardly appreciate that their home resembles a sunken ship, so you may want to save some cash and buy yourself a new smartphone instead.


If you haven’t found answers on your questions in the sections above, I am sure you will find them in the FAQs below.

What is a cat tree and how does it work?

Cat tree is the greatest invention of all times! It is furniture for cats, which allows them to climb, jump, scratch and do all of the things they enjoy. Such trees and towers satisfy cats needs of reaching higher surfaces and provides a safe place to scratch and shelter.

How can I teach my cat to love her cat tree?

You will hardly find cats that will crawl on a new condo at once. That is why you need to be patient and give your pets some time to get used to a new item. Simply by showing how to use it and putting favorite toys inside, you will help your cats to see that it is a great place for games and rest.

To get started put the tree in a room, where your cats spend most of their time. Then place favorite treats and toys on different surfaces of the tree to encourage and interest your pets. If this method doesn’t work (however, in 90% of the cases it does), you can spray catnip on the surface and watch the magic happen. 

To make the tree cozier, you can place cat’s old blanket inside the tower.  Finally, when your cats use the tree, you need to encourage and cheer them, just like you would do if you see your boyfriend take part in a football game.

What type of cat tree should I choose?

As I have already mentioned, there are hundreds of different types of trees available: small and tall, those that look like Titanic ship and those, which resemble jungles. There are towers for outdoors and towers for those, who are always on a road.

Which one to choose greatly depends on a variety of factors. To begin with, you need to evaluate the space you can devote to a tree and how many cats you have. Of course, if you are a multiple cat momma, you might need a large cat tower. Eventually, you need to decide what budget you have, because it will greatly influence the design of your tree. 

Once you put these factors together, you will make the right decision. However, if you don’t want to waste your time, just pick one of the trees that were reviewed in this article.

Why do cats like high perches?

From school classes you probably know that historically all cats are predators. They love hunting, following their victims and protecting themselves from enemies. That is why the need to occupy higher positions is their basic instinct.

With its help they can monitor what’s happening in the room and can relax, knowing that other predators won’t come close. Or at least they will notice when you are opening a pack of snacks and will hurry not to miss the party!

Why won’t my cats sleep in their cat condo anymore?

Sometimes cats stop sleeping in the condos that they previously enjoyed. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to find a reason and you need to be quite persistent to find a solution.

From time to time cats just love changing places for sleep. Sometimes they may also feel a new smell in the condo (for example if you have a new cat). You just need to try out a few options before deciding to throw the condo away and buying a new one. Remember, there is no guarantee that your cats will like a new tree, so it is better to use a few tricks before wasting hundreds of dollars on a new condo.

The Benefits Of A Cat Tree

If you approach the question of choosing a cat condo as seriously as you choose a body lotion or a new smartphone, you will surely find a place, which will satisfy all the needs of your pets, will improve their mood and health!

Quality trees are a great place for games and for a proper rest after such busy days. Most producers are well aware that cats need both physical and mental exercises, so the best towers are equipped with all types of elements for training.

For example, if your cat is large, you should pay attention to towers with many toys and elements. This will motivate your pet to move more and eventually to lose weight. How I wish to have such a weight-loss fun tower for humans!

Depending on the preferences of your cats, you can choose scratch pads, ropes or hanging toys that will keep them busy and active.  By the way, scratch pads are a must if you want your new sofa to look fresh in a year instead of having ripped corners within a few months.

As a veterinarian, I know how important for cats it is to scratch but satisfying this basic instinct may not be possible in all homes. If your cats spend all of their time indoors, you must choose a tower with scratching pads and to allow them satisfying their needs without restrictions.

Perches and ramps are perfect to occupy the most favorable observation point. Who knows, maybe your cats still think that they are predators, looking out for a victim? Let us not reason them out of it!

If your cats also love sleeping on top of a sofa or a wardrobe, watching the passersby from a window or trying to get to the chandelier, it is definitely a right signal to buy a tower with perches. Trust me, your cats will be feeling safe and secure, when sleeping on a higher surface, always alerted when an enemy (or their favorite treat) emerges somewhere nearby.

When you spend some time planning entertainment and comfort of your pets, you improve the quality of their lives indoors and create a stronger bond (as if cats love anyone except themselves!). If you don’t want to waste your time or prefer not to invest in a cat tree, you must be ready to buy new furniture every year and to behold grumpy and bored cats!

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