5 Best Chew Toys for Puppies

Best Chew Toys for Puppies

Ciao, pet lovers!

Childhood is the most wonderful period of life as well as “puppyhood”. Look at these cuties! They are so cheerful, happy and funny. Though a little bit clumsy, of course! They investigate our world step by step… bite by bite. Friends, being a trustful expert in everything that concerns pets, I often hear from my mates about problems that they face while becoming a dog owner. Right after feeding glitches, I frequently hear something like that: “All of my furniture is scratched with its teeth! I don’t know what to do!”

Well, I know. Thanks for asking. The solution is effortless – buy your puppy safe chew toys! Choose the one it likes. Believe me, there are no cons just advantages and the most important toys save furniture and clothes (my dog being a puppy liked chewing my shoes)! So, to know exactly what kind of dog chew toy you need to look carefully through this article!

Best Chew Toys for Puppies: 5 of Our Favorites

Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit Dog Chew Toys

Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit Dog Chew Toys

Photo: Amazon

More than 60 years Nylabone safeguards pups’ teeth. This trustworthy company manufactures its products in the USA. They adjusted their goods for every dog category. This set was designed for puppies (25 lbs) with permanent teeth that haven’t completed their teething period yet. You’ll find three chewing bones in the set:

  • Lamb&apple edible chew treat (suitable for puppies older than 3 months only) – this chew stick serves as a treat, not a meal. You can give it to your pet once a day after a nutritious dinner. Make sure, though, that your pup gets enough water. It is 100% organic and enriched with essential elements.
  • Dental-puppy chew (with chicken flavor) – best teething toy for puppy. Little pimples all over chew stick will help to maintain your pup’s teeth and gums healthy. Rinse it with water every time before giving it to your pet. It’s not meant to be eaten unlike previous one.
  • Chew-toy for active chewers (with chicken flavor) – this chewing bone is safe for those pups who have already grown teeth. So, if your pet has no permanent teeth yet, put it aside for a while.


+ Safe (made of 100% eco-friendly harmless plastic); Some customers report that their puppies destroyed bones. That is possible, however, you need to be attentive while choosing it for your dog. There are a chew meter and a size chart that help you to pick the best puppy toys among Nylabone products.
+ A complex approach to teething;
+ Three chew toys in the pack;
+ Reduce stress and anxiety;
+ Guarantees fresh breath.

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KONG Puppy Toy Natural Teething Rubber

KONG - Puppy Toy - Natural Teething Rubber - Fun to Chew, Chase and Fetch (Includes One Toy, Color May Vary)

Photo: Amazon

This chew toy looks really unusual for a reason – it is stuffable. Peanut butter, kibble or some treats will bring a lot of joy for your puppy. Teething with this bone won’t seem a challenge anymore. Check up all sizes and models and buy the one your four-legged friend needs. Moreover, these toys could be chilled in fridge. Try and your puppy will be excited! The instructions are simple: put something inside, like peanut butter, freeze for 4-6 hours and voila. Your dog forgets about teething pain and anxiety, boredom doesn’t exist and you have time for housework! So do not hesitate and buy this miracle chew stick right now. But before you add this good to your cart, look through all models carefully as there are different designs for different chewer’s levels. Do not overwork your pet with very tight toys. Everything has its time.

+ Could be filled with treats; Some customers detected an unpleasant smell, which is normal for new toys.
+ Big choice for different chewer levels;– Several consumers reported on packaging problems.
Durable;A little percent of dog owners complained that their pets chew off a part of the bone. The wrong choice of model and size could be a reason.
+ Safe material;
+ Physical and mental stimulation.

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Benebone Maplestick

Benebone Maplestick Real Wood Durable Dog Stick Chew Toy

Photo: Amazon

This chew stick will be your pup’s favorite toy. Just think about a toy with a real bacon flavor! Sounds tasty, though be attentive, as this chew stick isn’t edible. More than that, it looks amazing as an ideal real garden twig, but this one is safe, long-lasting and delicious! This product was fully manufactured in the USA and it is well-known for its high quality. There are 4 sizes available, from tiny (15 lb) to large (90 lb). That is why puppies of all ages and breeds are obsessed with this toy. So, don’t deprive your dog of such pleasure and buy this wonderful chewing bone.


+ Long-lasting; Shape (several buyers consider its shape uncomfortable for small dogs);
+ Safe;– Not for active chewers.
Eco-friendly high-quality nylon;
+ Real bacon taste.

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Nylabone Dental Chew

Nylabone Dental Chew Bacon flavored Pro Action Bone Dog Chew Toy

Photo: Amazon

This is the best teething toy for active chewers. Its texture with different kinds of lines, pimples, and dots will serve as a perfect toothbrush, ease pain while teething, lessen plaque and reduce tartar. This bone is tough, so it is not recommended for pups younger than 5 months. Also, it is better not to give it for dogs with a small jaw, because such pressure could harm their muscles and even break teeth. Oh, almost forget about flavor. Bacon – something that will never leave puppies indifferent!

+ Safe (made of 100% eco-friendly harmless plastic); Several cases of gum bleeding were noticed. My suggestion – don’t leave your dog with it for the whole day.
+ Durable;
Diverse texture;
+ Reduce dental issues.

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Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit

Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit Dog Chew Toys

Photo: Amazon

The Puppy Starter Kit by Nylabone is a treasure chest for every dog owner. In this set, you’ll find the best teething toys for dogs, especially little puppies whose permanent teeth are still growing. The pack consists of:

  • Massaging chew toy swhich relief teething ache gently and keep teeth clean;
  • Chew toy with chicken taste which makes more experienced chewers happy and relaxed;
  • Puppy treat with bacon favor – an edible bonus for good mood of your fuzzy. It also helps to develop your pet’s jaw.
+ Safe (made of 100% eco-friendly harmless plastic); Brittle for adult dogs (this is a puppy kit, so mature dogs with strong jaw will definitely destroy it).
+ A complex approach to teething;
+ Big pack for all teething stages;
+ Guarantees fresh breath.

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How to choose the best chew toys for puppy?

Though best of the best toys for your little puppy have been already chosen, don’t be lazy and check up my life hacks below.

  1. Bigger toy doesn’t equal bigger love. 

We always want to give the best for our beloved ones. And we both know, my dear reader, that your dog is the most loved member of your family. As well as in mine, but still buying the biggest bone in supermarket isn’t a good idea. It should fit your puppy. That actually universal tip, because we always should remember that too small toys for big dogs risk being swallowed, alongside big toys present a tooth-breaking hazard.

  1. Teeth density determines toy solidity

Dog teeth develop throughout life. Therefore, you need to remember this when choosing toys for puppies. This scheme is easy to keep in mind:

  • From 3-weeks to 3 months – soft fabric or rubber, plush will also work;
  • Up to 9 months – avoid hard rubber and do not forget to hide your boots. This period I call “try on tooth” as your puppy will chew everything it can reach to. However, teeth are especially vulnerable;
  • Up to 7 years – hard rubber will do along with different solid snacks and eatable chew sticks. Your dog’s teeth in this period are in peak condition, so treat your pet and vary itsration;
  • Senior dogs – during this period you need to find the perfect balance and try to maintain energy of your dog as long as possible, but also not to overwork its teeth.
  1. Perfect condition is everything

Sometimes, while hunting for sales I can get caught by an extremely cheap teething toy for puppies. Be careful. Don’t buy at very cheap prices. One chance out of a thousand that this product is undamaged. So, check up everything twice. If there is even a tiny chance for this toy to be broken into pieces – keep your dog out of it for a mile.

Types of puppy chew toys

Hard rubber chew toys – eternal classics

This kind of toy is practical and safe. Some brands even make such models that could be filled with fruits or peanut butter (beloved puppies’ treat). This perfect teething toy will help to relieve discomfort and will occupy your pet for some time.

Nylon chew toys – vet recommendation

Nylon toys are often designed multi-textured which made them one of the most vet recommended dog chews. Soft and at the same time indestructible can clean your dog’s teeth, massage gums and bring happiness at the same time! 

Rope toys – for interacting

This chew toy gives more joy than any other because you can play together with your pet. Tug of war is our favorite game at home. But you need to note several things about this toy. First of all, such ropes should be perfectly knitted. Any little rope shouldn’t come out as puppy will simply swallow it. Even tiny pieces like that could trigger blockages – great danger for pups! Secondly, make sure that while playing tag of wars you pull not too much. Puppies’ teeth could grow in wrong way.

Frozen dishrag – for DIY fans

This type of puppy chew toy is not traditional, though quite useful. Take a dishrag, freeze it and give your pup to chew. Ice will ease pain during teething, which helpful for pups up to 9 months. However, as usual, you should be nearby your doggo, because this teething toy isn’t edible.


What chew toys are safe for puppies?

High-quality nylon chew toys are safe. Though, you can buy rubber puppy chew toys which are also positive. Some pet owners can make chews by themselves with the help of a washcloth. The thing is in material’s quality, not in material itself. I advise you to buy vet recommended dog chews of USA production.

What dog chews are unsafe for dogs?

Brittle dog chews are extremely dangerous. However, it should be noted that there are no eternal toys. Your puppy grows and its jaw becomes stronger, so after spending long hours chewing it can bite something off. Do not let your dog play such toys for a long time, distract its attention from time to time, pet it a lot and everything will be all right!

Why does puppy need a chew toy?

Chew toys improve blood circulation in gums and, therefore, reduce teething pain. Good toys for puppies also entertain them and eliminate nervousness. Dogs love to crumb things. So, dog chew toys save your furniture as well!

How to buy chew toys puppy will actually like?

Firstly, you need to understand that puppy as every creature has character. So, likes and dislikes are extremely individual. And, as it can’t just say about preferences, understanding comes a little bit later. My suggestion would be to buy several chew toys and observe which one your pet likes more than others. Probably these toys could be of different types. Choose some from my best puppy toys list above.

How to ease teething pain?

Do not use any pills, of course! Buy safe vet recommended dog chews. Some of them could be slightly chilled and filled with treats. This will work as an additional relieving effect from teething pain.

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