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Greetings, my lovely readers! With every click on my articles, the sun shines a little bit brighter for me. So, thank you! And today we are going to talk about another rodent, another fluffy trotter – chinchilla. Or to be more specific we will find out what are the best cages and cage accessories that you could treat your fluffy with.

Before our review starts, I would like to make a little note for those who do not yet have the proud title of the chinchilla owner but just pondering about buying the one. Though chinchillas are covered with thick and valuable fur their motherland is warm and rocky. The animals of this kind live in South America. And today are protected by the law. However, the breeding is legal and some private households do not just sell these animals for those who want to have a fuzzy friend, but kill them and sell their priceless fur in spite of everything. Interesting that in the 90s the coat made of chinchillas’ skin cost not less than 22 000$ and it required about 100 poor pets.

Even though the group of fur lovers uses nature’s gifts for much longer, chinchillas as pets celebrate their 100th anniversary only this year. Yes, sounds crazy, but we know the name and the exact time when these beautiful creatures started the brand-new chapter in their not that long live. Well, they can sometimes live longer than the average dog – about 20 years. The story of their captivating was quite a cat’s cradle. But in order not to be too hipped on this, I just give you a hint that it was like a real thriller and the great creator of the chinchilla industry Mathias Farrell Chapman played the leading part in it. Make research! Promise, you will be excited!

How to Choose the Cage?

Okay, guys, that’s enough theory for us, let’s talk about our vital concerns, for today – cages. To choose the best, you need to know what is considered to be at least good. So, here are the main criteria of the GOOD chinchilla’s cage:

  • Appropriate size;
  • Shielding factor;
  • Residential hygiene.

Appropriate size

No one likes to live in a tight box! Remember Bender from the Futurama? He became much happier when he found out that his apartment was bigger than the one-step, right? So, chinchilla is not a fan of small cages either. These animals are a fan of an active way of life, they were born in the mountains, come on, they need to do exercises and they like the company. That is why their cages must be big enough for their friends and all the accessories of this squad. Specialists suggest which was surprising for me, as I have the experience with guinea pigs’ cages, to choose the tall cages instead of wide. The multilevel cages which could be easily called towers are preferable as again chinchillas are active kids. Generally speaking, keep in mind that the minimum size is 3*2*2 feet cage. Although that’s only for the one pet!

Shielding factor

If you ask me to describe chinchillas with one word I would say “bandolero”. Because they are real bad guys, though extremely cute! They like to chew the wire, they run about the cage, more than that they like to escape and hide… So in order not to be surprised in a bad way, make sure that the cage is first of all made of metal (as it should be very firm), made of non-toxic metal (since your pet will 100% taste it) and surely it should be locked up well (as the escape attempts are unavoidable). Among the already mentioned, make sure that the distance between the bars is not more than half of the inch and the background is not slippery. Wood or plastic can serve as a perfect base.

Residential hygiene

Spoiler alert! There will be a lot of poops. When I say a lot I mean too many. And though it is recommended to clean the cage once a week, I would do this on a daily basis, if I had a rodent. The first reason is smell and secondly the safety of the pet, of course. The peculiarity of the chinchillas’ eating system made them not like other pets in that sense. That is why be ready to include the cage cleaning into your everyday routine. The big size of the cage will also help, as it would be obviously more cleanable. Also, pay attention to the base. It would be much better and easier with the movable one. The bedding should be not less than 2-inch deep.

Top 5 Chinchilla Cages

Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage

Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage

Photo: Amazon


Looking like a real castle this cage will definitely become the fortress for your chin. There is enough space not only for several chinchillas but also for their toys. The height of this cage is 51 inch and more than with the wheels you could change its position in a glance. 70% of the customers admit that the quality of this cage is decent. Except for the cage itself, you will have the hammock which is loved by all the buyers’ pets. Also, 3 platforms will serve as a wonderful place for a rest after the busy night of climbing up and down the ladder. Little fluffs could be naughty sometimes, though this cage will keep these chins in one place. It is impossible to get out of this cage, so you won’t search your pets all over the apartment. Moreover, it is quite convenient not only for chinchillas (or any rodents by the way) but for their owners. The cage by Prevue Hendryx has a special shelf under the cage itself. There you can put toys and bags with food or bedding, as well as various tools that you use to clean the cage. So, despite the fact that this cage is quite large, you don’t need another place to store all your pet’s things.

+ The installation is elementary. Plus, there are clear instructions on the package; Some consumers complain about the plastic ramps. Their pets had difficulties in clutching onto them.
+ You can make two smaller cages out of this one;
The pet won’t fall off the platform. The security of this cage is proven by many customers;
+ As the cage is heavy wheels, to my mind, are considered to be a valuable advantage.

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Yaheetech 37/52-inch Metal Ferret Chinchilla Cage

Yaheetech 37-52-inch Metal Ferret Chinchilla Cage Indoor Outdoor Small Animals Hutch with 2 Front Doors-3 Front Doors-Feeder-Wheels for Guinea Pig Squirrel

Photo: Amazon

With the 5 ramps and 5 shelves, this cage transforms into a real apartment. Your pet would be bored only if it would be alone in this tower. So, do not hesitate and buy some friends for it! The safety is not the problem as well. There a tree well-locked doors that will help you to get your chinchilla on every level. More than that it is an absolutely different type of cleaning. You could do this without disturbing your pet at all. The bars are also safe. The chin would never be stuck between them or chew them apart. Firstly, this cage is made of high-quality metal and secondly, the distance between bars is 1 inch.


+ A food box and water bottle are included in the package. The list of expenditures becomes a little bit shorter; The size of the platforms could not be adjusted to the size of your animal that is why sometimes little pets fall off them.
+ The installation won’t take much time. More than that, the platforms are too smooth. Some animals have struggled with this.

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Homey Pet 36″ or 30″ Black Wire Cat Cage

Homey Pet 36 or 30 Black Wire Cat Cage w-Hammock Tray and Casters

Photo: Amazon

Well, producers advertise this cage as a cat one. Though, to my mind, it will be more functional for chinchillas or other small pets. The size of this cage is large enough. Nevertheless, consumers state that the wires and bottom tray are not immortal. Well, you will probably need to cage them later. How much later depends on the number of dwellers, though. Maybe this cage is not that durable comparing to the previous, it is not less convenient for the animal. There are well-designed ladders and hammock, which will beyond doubt become the beloved place for your pet.


+ It is a roomy and compact cage with wheels. The bottom tray is not firm.
+ The adjustment is simple. Also, the bottom tray is not deep, and you have to clean it often.
+ The big hammock is in the package.The ramps are not that durable comparing to other cages.

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3 Levels Ferret Chinchilla Hamster Suger Glider Gerbil Rats Mouse Mice Guinea Pig Rodent Degu Dagus Small Animal Cage by Mcage

3 Levels Ferret Chinchilla Hamster Suger Glider Gerbil Rats Mouse Mice Guinea Pig Rodent Degu Dagus Small Animal Cage, Tight 3-8-Inch Bar Spacing

Photo: Amazon

This cage by Mcage belongs to the wide type cages. However, the majority of experts recommend the tall cages for chinchillas this 24 inches height cage is not a bad variant. However, I would not recommend putting more than one chinchilla in it. Though it has three platforms connected with ramps, there would be not enough space for such active animals like chins.


+ This cage is much cheaper than the previous items. Only one chinchilla will be comfortable in this cage.
+ It can be installed in an apartment, even on a table, which is impossible with previous cages. The chin won’t have the opportunity to jump as high as it can.
– The bars aren’t firm and the pet could bend or chew it.

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Kaytee My First Home Multi-Level Habitat for Exotics

Kaytee My First Home Multi-Level Habitat for Exotics, 30.5” x 18” x 30”

Photo: Amazon

This cage though looks very compact have enough space for two small chinchillas. The raps are plastic but not too smooth, that is why the majority of consumers spotted that their rodents are running on them happily. The bottom tray is deep, so cleaning once in two days is quite possible. The platforms of this cage were also designed competently. The producers added skirting on each platform so now you should not worry that your pet will fall off them. Generally, this cage belongs to those good old designs that will be always popular. However, the only door maybe not that convenient in terms of cleaning.

+ There are three platforms with ramps that provide an excellent workout. The cost is higher compared with other more convenient multi-level cages.
+ The platforms are safe and the ramps are not too smooth to fall off them. The only door makes cleaning complicated.
+ The food box is already set into the first level platform.– Though the bars are tight, there were cases when rodents managed to escape through the door.
+ The space between bars is definitely not enough to escape or stuck in.

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Chinchilla Cage Accessories

Well, now I hope you have enough variants of cages to choose from. However, remember, my dear chinchilla owner that the cage is not everything your pet needs. You can’t just put the empty cage and expect from your chin to be satisfied and happy. So, I present to you the shortlist of accessories that I consider to be nifty. Moreover, they will definitely bring warmth and coziness into your pet’s house.

Emours Small Animal Warmly House

Emours Small Animal Warmly House Cage Hanging Bed with Bed Mat for Chinchilla , Guinea pigs , Squirrel and Other Similar Size Animals, Large

Photo: Amazon

This is a bed with a mat inside. It has lots of advantages, and to my mind much more convenient that the simple bed. First of all, you can hang it in the cage, which will serve as extra training for your animal. Secondly, it is suitable for all small rodents and will be a perfect gift for your friends if they have for instance a squirrel or a guinea pig. More than that it looks super cute and it is soft like a cloud. The high-quality flannelette makes the chin’s sleep calm and comfortable. Also, it is movable, you can easily replace it if you want to make some kind of reshuffle in the cage. What is more, if you have two, but yet little chins, do not worry that someone would be jealous and you need to buy two beds. Not at all! It is big enough for two little chinchillas. The size of the hanging bed is 8*10*8 inches. Those who have already bought it noted that little fluffs could not chew it through. So, this bed will work for a long time.

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ZALALOVA Hamster Chew Toys

ZALALOVA Hamster Chew Toys, Natural Wooden Pine Guinea Pigs Rats Chinchillas Toys Accessories Dumbells Exercise Bell Roller Teeth Care Molar Toy for Birds...

Photo: Amazon

Hamster Chew Toys by ZALALOVA are available in three packs for 10, 7 and 2 toys in each pack. The biggest one includes everything your chin could even dream about. In the 10 toys package you will find the following items:

  • Rattan ball (2.4*2.4 inch);
  • Molar String (10.6-inch length);
  • Seesaw (7.5*2.8 inch);
  • Dumbbell (3*1.6 inch);
  • Bell Swing (5*3.4*2.8 inch);
  • Bell Roller (2.8*2 inch);
  • Climbing ladder (6.3*2.6 inch);
  • Unicycle (3.1-inch length)
  • Bark Watermelon Balls (2.8*2.8 inch);
  • Squared molar block with rope (5.1*1.2 inch).

All of these toys are smooth so your rodent definitely wouldn’t get hurt. Also, these items are made of organic high-quality applewood sections. They are absolutely free of any chemicals and were perfectly dehydrated in a natural way. They give everything your pet needs: the sense of home, security, and joy. Playing with these wooden toys will never make your chin bored. Just remember that to serve longer do not wash them with water. Simply wipe the blocks, and put on the open air for an hour or so.

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Pulse Brands Corner Fleece Forest Hideout

Corner Fleece Forest Hideout for Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Chinchillas, Hedgehogs, Dwarf Rabbits and Other Small Pets - Accessories and Toys

Photo: Amazon

Haven’t you noticed that rodents like the nooks where they can hide and take a break from the game? This product is perfect for chins as they really like to hide and sleep in cozy small places. You can easily fix it in any corner and then move wherever you want. The fleece forest is available in 4 colors and fits for all types of rodents including ferrets and hedgehogs. In the hung form, its length is 10.5 inches. It could be easily rinsed in the washer. My recommendation is to use baby detergent in order to save the fleece.


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Lixit Chinchilla Dry Bath

Lixit 30-0189-006 Chinchilla Dry Bath

Photo: Amazon

This product is not an accessory it’s more like a necessity for your pet. The fact that chinchilla can’t stand water makes their hygiene routine extremely important issue. The dry bath by Lixit makes this process easier. You could be simply opened and washed properly. Also, the size is suitable not only for chinchillas but also for such pets as degus and gerbils.


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Exotic Nutrition 15″ Chin-Sprint

Exotic Nutrition 15 Chin-Sprint - All-Metal Durable, Silent, Fast Exercise Wheel - for Chinchillas, Prairie Dogs, Rats, Degus, Hedgehogs, Opossums...

Photo: Amazon

Though in my accessory list this thing is the last, it is maybe the most recognizable associates with the rodent’s cage. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to present you with an Exercise Wheel by Exotic Nutrition. It is metal wheel is perfect for chinchillas as the side remains uncovered and it is not like a ball for hamsters. Which is by the way forbidden for chins! This construction will suit the following animals: rats, hedgehogs, prairie dogs, opossums, degus and many other small rodents will be happy to play in it. It is wide enough (6’’ across) and covered with the safe surface which provides reliability and durability. The design was created only for safety reasons and the possibility of twisting the tail is absolutely excluded. Also, large wheel diameter of 15 inches prevents any injury to pets. And the most important, to my mind, it works silently. This is perfect for the nightly pet’s owners!

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How to Take Care of a Chinchilla

To my mind, these fuzzy little animals are not a spoiled brat at all. That is why the process of everyday care is not that hard as it may seem from first glance. I want to give you several tips that will help to make the care of your chin effective and easy.

Tip 1 – Check the temperature in the room

Chinchillas have extremely thick fur. That is why the overheating for it could be a real mortal danger. Keep in mind that the temperature in the room where the cage is situated should not be more than 80 °F (27 °C) lower than 50 °F (10 °C).

Tip 2 – Avoid direct sunlight

Chins are more likely to be active during the night and sleep most of the day. That is why direct sunlight could spoil their rest. As well as your night could be spoiled by the pet. Do not put the cage near your bed. Chins will have all around the cage at night, and you will be heavy-eyed all day long!

Tip 3 – The high humidity and water are strict restrictions 

And again, the matter of the fact is chins’ thick fur. It cannot dry out independently. That is why the constant humidity could lead to the serious health problems caused by the bacteria reproduced in such auspicious conditions. Put the humidifier not far away from the cage is the humidity level in the room that could not be fixed in another way.

Tip 4 – Treats should be healthy

Do not neglect the treats. However, you should choose them wisely. Alcohol, chocolate, caffeine and any kind of sugars are strictly forbidden. In the role of treats could be such products as wooden sticks, raisins, oats, cheerios without sugar, carrots, dried leaves of blackberry, and apples. Remember that treats could be given to your chin no more than twice a week.

Tip 5 – Handle your pet

The physical contact is vital. Do not forget to play with your chinchilla to pet it. Otherwise, it will really afraid of you. And preferably do since the first days. When it gets older it won’t be a problem to take it on your hands. Though if there were no contact before, you would have no other variant but go through the special training.

Tip 6 – Chewing

Chinchillas are like beavers in terms of their teeth. Chins’ teeth are growing the whole life as well. So, to keep them healthy my suggestion would be to buy the primus or the special wooden stick made of organic sycamore. Don’t you want your chins’ teeth to grow up to 12 inches?!

Tip 7 – The dust bath only

As I said earlier no water on chis! However, they should get rid of the smell and dirt somehow. The dust bath is the best variant. You as an owner just need to make it comfy. Make sure that it is big enough (not less than 6 inches). Also, remember that it should be used regularly about 3 times a week. The regime will be clearly set individually, just do not forget to include it in your routine.

Chinchillas Taboo

Well, I’ve already mentioned some accessories that are preferable to be at your pet’s house. Though, to my mind, I must also warn you about the things that should not be bought for your chin under any circumstances.  

  • Raisins (They are too sweet and naturally shinnies do not eat fruits and sugars at all. The diet that would be rich in sugars could lead to diabetes and obesity);
  • Exercise balls (Chinchillas do not stand high temperatures at all. So, running inside the airtight ball could be fatal);
  • Plastic toys (Chins will chew and swallow everything on their way. So, the little pieces of plastic will not be simply digested and cause the blockage);
  • Ordinary wooden toys (The wood given to chins should be verified, smooth and dehydrated. The ordinary stick from the garage will not do, but harm your pet);
  • Wire Hay Ball (The chins like to jump on them which will lead to various injuries. More than that hungry animal could simply get stuck there with its head. Such an outcome would be fatal);
  • Wire Chinchilla Wheel (This type is better for mice and definitely too small for chins. The one wheel described before with 15’’ diameter is the only appropriate variant);
  • Plastic Hideouts (And again chins are not plastic friendly animals. They can easily chew it and more than that there wouldn’t be enough air for them).


Where to Put the Cage?

Surprise, surprise! Chins are nocturnal pets. So, where shouldn’t you put their cage? Right you are, in your bedroom. More than that, make it comfy for them during the day. The corner in the room which is not illuminated in the daytime by direct sunlight will definitely go. Also, watch the drafts. They are harmful to all of us!

What Size of Cage Does a Chinchilla Need?

The cage should be big enough for your pet to feel at home. If you have more than 1 chin, the cage should be bigger. That means that all the pets in the cage should feel free to jump, run and have fun. The official numbers are 3*2*2 feet cage for one chin. And look about tall cages. That’s more convenient for those pets considering their physical individualities.

How to Clean a Chinchilla Cage?

First of all, personal taboo is chemicals. You can use vinegar mixture instead (50% vinegar and 50% water). There 3 types of cleaning: daily cleaning, weekly cleaning and deep cleaning that would be wonderful to hold in three-four weeks. You should remove all the droppings and urine, clean the food and water bottles and checkup the bedding daily. Once in a week, it would be good to rinse the food and water containers with a cleaning mixture. Moreover, change the bedding and wipe the toys and shelves. The deep cleaning contains all the previous steps plus the meticulous cleaning of all the bars, toys, containers and accessories. Quite a long process, though necessary.

How Long Does a Chinchilla Live?

It should seem an easy question, though it’s not at all. Different resources give diverse information about the chinchillas’ lifespan. Some mention the 5 years, some states 7-10. And yet I know the cases when chinchillas lived up to 15 and even 20 years. The world record is from Germany. The chinchilla named Radar lived almost 30 years! So, I think that the secret as always in the quality of life, caring, and food.

How High Can a Chinchilla Jump?

Well, the majority of people do not know that chinchillas are the inborn jumpers. This skill is in their blood since they are from the region where the surface is not smooth. So the sprightly pets can jump up to 6 ft. Nonetheless, if chinchilla spends its life in a very tight one level cage without any training, it would be lazy and fat. And jumps are also out of the question.

How to Train a Chinchilla?

There are several chinchilla training methods. The first method includes treats. Give it to your pet in exchange for climbing wherever you want it to. Hold the treat in your one hand and the second hand would be some kind of an obstacle. Sometime later try to do that without a treat. The next method would be useful for those who want their chinchillas to be like cats. Well, I meant the use of the litter box. The steps are the following: notice where your pet urinates (chinchillas normally do it in the same place of the cage every time), put the litter box here (the pet won’t bend the principle to pee in this place), put your pet’s feces in the litter box (it could happen that it also will learn to poop in the litter box). However, do not expect too much. They are not dogs or cats for all that.

How Much Does a Chinchilla Weigh?

Though chins seemed to be chubby they shouldn’t be very heavy. The weight of the grown chinchilla shouldn’t exceed 1.5 pounds. And the healthy average weight is considered to be about 1 pound.

What Happens if a Chinchilla Gets Wet?

Well, I’ll tell you what not, it definitely won’t disappear! Though all kidding aside it is a good question. I’ve prepared an instruction for you. Follow the steps:

  1. Put your chin as far as possible form the water.
  2. Wipe off as much moister as possible with the help of towel. Do not use the wet towel. As the chinchilla’s fur is extremely thick, that’s not the final step.
  3. Use the fan in the cool regime. We don’t want your pet being overheated.
  4. The sand bath will remove the rest of the moister and the harmful bacteria brought by it.
  5. Use the dry paper towel to make sure that all water is gone and repeat the steps 2, 3, 4 if necessary.

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