Best Dog Wheelchair to Buy in 2020

Best dog Wheelchair

The dogs are probably among the animals greatly succeeded in the art of fast stealing the hearts of their owners. They offer us their unconditional love every single moment filling our life with a bunch of positive emotions and bright feelings. They become true members of our family whom we treat with love and care. However, they, unfortunately, are not immune to various sicknesses, accidents and old age sequences leading to muscles weakness or paralyzing of hind or front legs. Some of them can be born paralyzed or even without legs.

Best 3 Dog Wheelchairs

K9 Carts | The Original Dog Wheelchair
  • extremely high quality, custom made in the USA;
  • lightweight and durable construction;
  • easy to use and adjust;
  • additional protection from pressure sores;
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Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair Small Dogs
  • your small sized dog can use bathroom now and perform their usual activities comfortably;
  • the wheelchair is easy to assemble, has washable parts, folds flat for convenient transportation and storage;
  • light and non-expendable material ensures the long service life of the product.
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Two Wheels Adjustable Dog Wheelchair
  • high-quality material used ensures durability and longevity of the unit;
  • easy to assemble and adjust;
  • the extra spinal protective band and free dog leash in the package.
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Seeing them helpless and struggling for mobility is really heartbreaking for each owner. Whatever happened, your fluffy friend definitely requires very special treatment and help from your side. Dog wheelchairs can become the best solution to restore your best friend mobility no matter his front or back legs are out of order. The creation and development of these devices made a real breakthrough in veterinary medicine. This allowed abandoning the practice of euthanasia of paralyzed pets and extending the life of numerous sick or age-old dogs.

Despite being available on market for decades dog wheelchairs are still not widely known among pet owners. In case of a situation with the necessity to use such a device, people may face problems ranging from lack of appropriate information how to choose the right type to complete absence of necessary knowledge about correct measurement techniques. That’s why the main purpose of this article is to let you know the main features and facts, advantages and disadvantages of the top seven dog wheelchair options available in the USA market today.

Dog Wheelchair Types

There are 3 primary kinds of dog wheelchairs you should be aware of. Having slightly different construction each of them performing reliable assistance for dogs with diverse types of immobility or legs defects to walk. Immobile dogs with paralyzed back legs require the limb support that their owners can give them using various modern technologies including various models of dog wheelchairs or specifically constructed devices that meet the individual requirements of the canine.

Rear support wheelchair

Rear support wheelchair is the most commonly used dog wheelchair option. It has two rear wheels, a seat for your dog’s waist and a belt to keep them tied. A dog uses front legs’ muscles and the upper part of the body to be able to walk around. The rear support cart is suitable for canines with weak or paralyzed back legs, but with enough power throughout the remainder of their body to move.

Front support wheelchair (Eddie’s wheels)

The wheels in this cart have upfront location making it similar to a backward wheelchair.  Having its chest supported the dog uses rear limbs to walk and push the cart ahead. This wheelchair type is mostly applying for front legs problematic pets. Front legs disability might result from diseases like dog arthritis, birth defects or accidents.

Full support wheelchair

Full support dog wheelchair sometimes also called quad cart has four wheels located at the front and back of the device. The central section provides support for the dog’s torso. Such design makes it seems like a small wheeled bed providing full support for dogs with nonfunctional all four limbs completely unable to move or even stand without assistance. Mainly pets with hard congenital abnormalities and cerebrovascular disease require using of this tool. Also, it can be helpful for rehabilitation after spinal surgical procedures.

List of the Best Dog Wheelchair

K9 Carts | The Original Dog Wheelchair | Veterinarian Established | Custom Built in The USA

K9 Carts  The Original Dog Wheelchair  Veterinarian Established  Custom Built in The USA-min
Photo: Amazon

The first best option on our list is a great design offered by K9 Carts specialists. The K9 Carts possessing over 50 years of successful veterinarian orthopedic surgery created a wheelchair which can be suitable for extra-small, small, small-medium, medium-large and large dog. It works almost perfectly for dogs experiencing a problem with rear legs mobility or for rehab period after surgery, being very popular among dog owners.  

Made from aircraft grade aluminum it is very lightweight yet durable and resistant ensuring the best limb support for your fluffy friend. Using of contoured, dense foam padding for cable leg rings allows preventing pressure sores and gives additional support for dog’s body. The construction is easy to use and adjust, also high quality and assembled in the USA.

+ extremely high quality, custom made in the USA;– relatively high price;
+ lightweight and durable construction;– only suitable for dogs up to 100 lbs.
+ easy to use and adjust; 
+ additional protection from pressure sores; 

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Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair Med/Lg Dogs 51-69 lbs – Veterinarian Approved – Wheelchair Back Legs

Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair MedLg Dogs 51-69 lbs - Veterinarian Approved - Wheelchair Back Legs-min
Photo: Amazon

Another great product on the wheelchairs market is the one from Walkin’ Wheels. This wheelchair is designed for medium-large sized dogs weighing up to 69 lbs. This is rear support type of cart what means it can fit for pets with problematical rear limbs and normally functioning front legs. Lightweight and long-lived frame made of extruded aluminum is well-balanced, stable and easy to move.

A carefully considered construction allows easy adjusting height, width, and length. Also, fully adjustable harness ensures additional comfort and necessary mobility level. All wheelchair elements are cleanable including non-punctured wheels made of dense foam and rubber. The cart can be resold or used for rental for other dogs requiring hinds support or rehab tool due to complete adjustment features.

+ vet approved and can be used for dogs with immobile or weak hind legs;– suitable only for pets with healthy and strong front legs;
+ lightweight and durable construction;– acceptable for a particular size and weight of the dog only.
+ suitable for all-terrain use due to the wheels composed of dense foam with rubber covering; 

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Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair Small Dogs 11-25 lbs – Veterinarian Approved – Wheelchair Back Legs

Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair Small Dogs 11-25 lbs - Veterinarian Approved Wheelchair Back Legs-min
Photo: Amazon

The Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair for small sized dogs can be a necessary tool to improve the quality of life of dogs with disorders of the bone and muscular system (motor handicap). This specific model is designed for small dogs weighing from 11 to 25 pounds and with legs from 3 to 15 inches long. Aluminum used for the frame is durable and lightweight, which makes the whole construction stable and easy to maneuver for the dog. There are also switch adjusting options for width, length, and height. Specially protected with rubber layer the wheels won’t puncture while the dog enjoys the usual outdoor activities even off-road.

Despite the fact that this device normally designed for dogs with weight less than 25 lbs, the sizes may differ by legs length and effective dog’s weight. Sizes vary from one to six. Pet-friendly design, ease of use and complete adjustability are the main features the dog owners find noteworthy about this company’s product.

+ your small sized dog can use bathroom now and perform their usual activities comfortably;– only applicable for pets weighing less than 25 lbs;
+ the wheelchair is easy to assemble, has washable parts, folds flat for convenient transportation and storage;– some people experience the problem to piece the wheelchair together.
+ light and non-expendable material ensures the long service life of the product. 

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Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair – for Large Dogs 70-180 lbs – Veterinarian Approved – Wheelchair for Back Legs

Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair - for Large Dogs 70-180 lbs - Veterinarian Approved - Wheelchair for Back Legs-min
Photo: Amazon

The wheelchair for disabled rear legs designed by Walkin’ Wheels is serving the mobility needs of large dogs up to 180 pounds.  This model is available in 5 sizes and 3 colors. The length of the dog’s paw is a variable parameter determining the size of the cart. The same like the products of this company for smaller dogs this carts rear support wheelchair is made from light and resistant material guaranteeing its reliability and longevity. Owing to carefully calibrated harness support the dog’s owner will be able to effortlessly adjust the wheelchair to his best friend.

The use of such a device can give hope to dogs with weak or sick hind limbs which are not totally disabled. Moving with the support of the rear wheelchair means that their legs will get the necessary workout to regain strength and improve their muscles. Moreover, the feeling of independence and ability to move and play again stimulates the dog to improve moving abilities day by day.

+ special construction for large breed dogs;– can be utilized by pets of large size with weak or paralyzed rear legs and healthy front ones;
+ strong and lightweight aluminum mounting;– manual sometimes can be difficult to understand.
+ special rubber threads wheel protection encourages all terrain activities of your dog. 

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Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair Medium Dogs 26-49 lbs – Veterinarian Approved – Wheelchair Back Legs

Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair - for Medium Dogs 26-49 lbs - Veterinarian Approved - Wheelchair for Back Legs-min
Photo: Amazon

The next significant development of Walkin’ Wheels continues the line of products supporting hind limbs of the dog and fit to the medium sized pets weighing from 26 to 49 lbs. Back legs amputees and pets with paralyzed or limited mobility rear legs can use this wheelchair to keep moving and spend a lifestyle close to their healthy kin. Strong but light construction made of durable material provides the dog’s back legs with safe and reliable support ensuring stability while moving. Five various sizes plus extremely adjustable options make the model suitable for the animals with rear leg height from 4 to 18 inches. Three various colors for owner’s convenience are also available. Also, special anti-puncture covering made of rubber threads on the wheels eliminates any road limitation for your pet’s outside activity.

The cart fits the following but not limited breeds:

  • Border Collie.
  • Bulldog.
  • Corgi.
  • Chow Chow.
  • German Shepherd.
  • Husky.
  • Rottweiler.
  • Sheepdog.
+ solid and durable frame ensuring stability and maneuvering while moving;– possible to use for dogs not heavier than 49 pounds and with rear leg height up to 18 inches;
+ wheels from a dense foam with rubber protective layer facilitating off-road activities of your fluffy friend;– some dog’s owners find it hard to perform accurate leg measurements by themselves to choose the model of the right size.
+ five sizes and three colors are available. 

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Two Wheels Adjustable Dog Wheelchair, cart, 7 Sizes for hind Legs Rehabilitation, Belly Band Specially for Spondylitis

New! Two Wheels Adjustable Dog Wheelchair, cart, 7 Sizes for hind Legs Rehabilitation, 3D Soft Harness,Light Weight, Easy Assemble, Belly Band Specially for Spondylitis-min
Photo: Amazon

The really impressive supportive hind limbs wheelchair for your special needs dog. Having being manufactured from high-grade aluminum it’s not subject to rust guaranteeing extended operational life of the product. This unique model of the two-wheel supportive cart with adjustable length makes your dog feeling very comfortable while using. Additional belly strip for extra support and spine protection is available. This wheelchair model has 7 sizes according to the width and height of the dog’s hip.

The special design allows using it for disabled back legs dogs along with the pets requiring rehabilitation support after serious deceases or surgery. These artificial legs let your sick friend be active, get fun, play, run getting the necessary exercise for muscles and body again. Using this device you can forget about any movement restrictions for your sick or old four-legged friend. The problem with rear limbs is no longer an obstacle for your pet to keep moving and taking any joy in life.

+ high-quality material used ensures durability and longevity of the unit;– some dogs may require a longer time to become accustomed to how to use it;
+ easy to assemble and adjust;– no color diversity in the model line.
+ the extra spinal protective band and free dog leash in the package. 

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Best Friend Mobility Extra Small Dog Wheelchair

Best Friend Mobility Extra Small Dog Wheelchair-min
Photo: Amazon

This extra small dog wheelchair from Best Friend Mobility is the best mobility solution for small-sized dogs with walking issues of back legs. The non-rust aluminum frame can be easily adjusted according to the height and length of your dog. Enhanced front and back harness system made of deluxe neoprene with simple stick-on function provides additional support and comfort of use for your pet. Stainless anti-rust hardware is easy to assemble and disassemble. Wheels from durable polyurethane and sealed bearings allow all-terrain activeness of your extra small dog.

Innovative harness system can be regulated the way that partly supports the body weight making possible the rear legs be somewhat active preventing complete atrophy. In case this is impossible the back of the dog can be totally lifted in order that the limbs have no contact with the ground. Either way, it’s necessary to admit that only dogs with fully functional front paws can be subject to use this wheelchair.

+ simple hex wrench fitting of length, height, and width;– assembly manual can be somewhat unclear;
+ front and rear neoprene harness ensuring the maximal comfort for the dog;– owners of some small breeds or weak dogs consider this model too heavy.
+ made in the USA; 
+ tested and recommended by K9 orthopedists. 


Why Would Your Dog Need A Wheelchair?

Unfortunately, the dogs can’t tell us about their pain or discomfort that’s why this is the ultimate task of the owner to be mindful and draw the attention to elusive alterations in behavior pointing out the future problem. The range of the mobility issues of rear legs can vary from a little mobility to full rear leg disorder. In the past, in case a dog lost mobility because of the age or any decease the common decision was to euthanize. Everything changed now with technology development and the dog wheelchair can be the best option.

However, finding the most efficient way to care of your fluffy family member with mobility issues and the right time when the wheelchair is necessary can be a really challenging task. Numerous aspects should be considered because each case is specific and unique. The most common signs of walking issues are:

  • sudden behavioral changes caused by muscle pain;
  • unexpected inability to balance while moving;
  • problem with getting up;
  • the dog is not active, doesn’t want to go outdoor, significantly limits all movements to avoid the pain;
  • clearly visible indications of muscle atrophy or legs weakness.

If your dog experiences one of the issues mentioned above or has strange behavior changes you can’t explain be sure you need professional veterinarian assistance as soon as possible. The sooner an accurate diagnosis is made, the sooner it will be possible to start the treatment for your dog.

How to Choose the Size?

As a rule, to determine the right size of the wheelchair for your dog, you should be aware of two important parameters: weight and height of your pet. The height should be measured as accurately as possible because exactly this variable is necessary for specifying the size of the wheels and mounting of the cart. To get the exact height value measure from the floor to the piece of skin connecting the upper rear limb of the dog with the body. In the case of an overweight pet, this place of the body could sag making the measurement result a little less than the actual value. At this point to obtain the right measurement you should try to move up this area as much as you think it should be normally. If you are an owner of the long-haired breed you could find this point by pressing the hair and feeling it with your fingers.

Where to Find Free Dog Wheelchair?

The issue of getting free donated dog wheelchairs for disabled canines is important for many pet owners. People quickly understand that this device is an important tool to improve the quality of their four-legged friend’s life. The carts give disabled, older dogs and pets with weak legs the ability to move and play like their healthy buddies. They could enjoy their favorite activities again, run, get fun and go to the bathroom without the owner’s help. Such a wheelchair could be a real gift every owner strives to give to his sick friend, however sometimes can’t afford it because of the high price. Small rear support type could cost $300-350 while full support 4 wheels over $600. Dog wheelchairs are complicated, custom made devices with light and durable materials used. All these features ensure their long service life, excellent comfort for the dog and meeting all individual needs and requirements but significantly raise the price. There are many groups of dogs lovers who have or once had dogs with mobility issues offering to donate a dog wheelchair to those owners who can’t afford it. Having their own paralyzed pets experience they understand all the troubles of the situation and try to help the others. Also, many manufacturers of supportive devices for pets have special donate programs for disabled animals. Mostly they are not official though other types also exist. As an example, Handicapped Pets and K9 Carts offer rent-to-own programs to lower the rates and make dog wheelchairs more affordable.

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