Best Pet Cameras to Buy in 2019

best pet cameras

I suppose that most of you do know how video surveillance cameras work. As of late, even in the private sector, the use of monitoring technology is becoming increasingly popular. Whether in the apartment or outside your house, whether with or without Wi-Fi, with or without the Internet – these gadgets are getting more advanced every year, and are starting to offer many characteristics one would barely give thought to.

Best 3 Pet Cameras

Security device made by Tenvis
  • Pros: built like a tank, two-way audio, IP, wireless
  • Cons: no SD card
Wireless 1080P Security Camera by Wansview
  • Pros: two-way audio, night vision, full HD
  • Cons: 5G is not supported
Wi-Fi Camera made by Amcrest
  • Pros: ProHD 1080P, cloud sync, security
  • Cons: no complaints so far

The market for pups communication (let’s taut it this way) has shown incredible growth since 2014. It is a simple matter of fact, which means that manufacturers keep pushing for the market anything that is humanly possible.

These cameras are very much sought after due to the smaller sizes which are very often preferred by the pets owners like me and you. Also, the feature sets of such devices are fun in coming. Features like 360-degree fisheye view, treats tossing and so on ensure these advancements. Yes, there has been tremendous growth in this sector, let’s face it. The spy camera is made to shoot pictures and videos in HD format. There are spy cameras designed to look like pens, USB drives, and key fobs. Whether wrapped in a naked bulb or not, whether masked as a key fob (which sends shivers down your spine: Bond, James Bond) they work wonders. The small sizes are responsible for this kind of user experience, these minis are good anywhere. Measured and supported by today’s technology, they generally deliver on what the maker promises – beautiful photographs and/or videos are waiting for you.

But well. We are talking here pups & kitties cams. These help check to see that pets are safe and sound and that you keep them out of mischief while you’re on the road. As a practicing vet, I want to give you in this guide a couple of tips on how you best use pet cams and answer your most frequently asked questions.

Security Camera or Pet Camera?

To ensure against theft, a solid observation device like the IP-controlled one is typically what you need. Such a device can transmit data through the Web or stream on the Internet. The IP stands here for Internet Protocol. Photographs, recordings, or audio can be displayed by different gadgets, for example, cell phones. Thanks to this technology your PC or smarty can be reached from anyplace you are. Want to call home? Here we go!

Given this, both the photographs and the audio can be wired to your mobile device. On the other hand, the IP-controlled app can likewise be controlled by your gadgets. Be it your laptop or your PC, your smarty with the Android app or anything else – managing your data online and remotely was never easier. This technology is sophisticated, still, you can use it without much of a hassle.

The primary reason to purchase a monitoring device is, well, security and reconnaissance. To track your pets’ adventures online, it is an obvious overkill. But it is my IMHO.

Security is a significant topic these days? Indeed, given your haven and your pets are involved. A view camera, for instance, when installed at the house door is a thoughtful and favorable investment.

This article will help you find the right camera in minutes.

Our Choice: Cheap Pet Cameras

If you ever wanted to see what man’s best friend does when you’re away, grab an action cam to see! By the way, there is a way to strap the camera on your pups’ back (or chest). This way you can shoot videos about your four-legged friends. Pretty cool right!

Security device made by Tenvis

Photo: Amazon

Tenvis device provides some 128 GB of storage, two-way audio. If your pet in trouble you can talk. Handy when your pooch is striving for a calm word to console. Capture videos with this cam, which means your data bank will grow (stored on your phone).

  • Pros: built like a tank, two-way audio, IP, wireless,
  • Cons: no SD card
  • Cost: $36.98
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A wireless camera with IP delivery made by HUGOAI

Photo: Amazon

It’s great to know what happens at home when you are out. HUGOAI helps you learn just that!

  • Pros: cheap, high quality, face & motion detector
  • Cons: a bit choppy
  • Price: $24.99
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A Smarty by Wyze Labs with 1080p HD

Photo: Amazon

Wyze and two-way audio. These words go together well. Chat right from the start, hear your master’s voice in return. This camera is capable of communicating with voice assistants such as Google or Alexa. There is smart sound recognition, which means it can recognize smoke alarms and alert you to these specific emergencies.

  • Pros: night vision, 1080p HD, voice & alarm recognition
  • Cons: USB battery would drain pretty fast
  • Price: $25.99
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Best Wi-Fi Pet Cameras

Here you’ll find the best indoor Wi-Fi cams. If you set sights on a simple Wi-Fi gadget, there are plenty of moves you can take. Here’s what to look for when buying such a cam.

Pet Wi-Fi Device made by KAMTRON

Photo: Amazon

KAMTRON delivers. It is as plain as that. It can record and share videos and pics while talking to your pups via two-way audio.

  • Pros: motion detection, two-way audio, built like a tank, night vision, cloud sync
  • Cons: pricey
  • Cost: $65.99
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Dog Camera by Furbo

Photo: Amazon

Furbo app installed on your smarty or tablet allows for even more security. You can get yelping alerts, and it is true. There are sound and movement identification. You can even hear your puppy or kitten with the alarms switched on. A solid construction, built to last, yet smooth edges ensure even more comfort for your pet. What your pets can bite are the treats the gadget has inside and can toss them at your will. In fact, you can give a treat to your puppy! That is the place where Furbo app for iOS & Android proves to be useful. It makes Furbo sparkle like no other pet cam would do (the application is for free BTW). The main drawback here is that the container fits too littler treats.

  • Pros: full HD, two-way chat & barking alert, treat tossing
  • Cons: pricey
  • Price: $189.00
Buy on Amazon

Wireless Camera by Conic

Photo: Amazon

If any other camera is not enough… If you are looking for an interactive way to stay in touch with your pet, try Conic, which lets your pet talk to you!

  • Pros: two-way audio, motion detector & alarm, noise reduction,
  • Cons: shaky design
  • Cost: $39.99
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Best Wireless Pet Cameras

It’s understood: If you leave your pups alone for a long time, you can get an idea of the situation at home by using a camera. It’s good to know that everything runs as expected and the neighbors have no reason to complain. Here are the best-choice wireless cams.

Pro 2 by Arlo Technologies, Inc

Photo: Amazon

Dogs are pack animals. If they miss something or someone, they often express their pain and grief. Then the couch torn to pieces, so is the pillow, and so on. Angst… The howling dog may well call for trouble in the neighborhood. Because the dog should lie in the basket and sleep. Dogs are taught to be alone step by step. So that when they are alone they sleep. Pro 2 helps them a lot all along the way!

  • Pros: 100% wire-free, 1080p HD, voice control
  • Cons: pricey
  • Price: $280.99
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Wireless 1080P Security Camera by Wansview

Photo: Amazon

Think in advance about whether you want to have a completely wireless camera or not. Because cameras need a power supply. So, if you choose a completely wireless camera, care to charge the batteries from time to time.

  • Pros: two-way audio, night vision, full HD
  • Cons: 5G is not supported
  • Price: $39.99
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1080p Wireless Wi-Fi IP Camera by VINSION

Photo: Amazon

Cameras are getting smarter. So many surveillance cameras you can access via the smartphone or tablet. When on the way to see what the pet is doing? Well done, VINSION! When the camera registers movements, you’ll be notified. Crazy, right? VINSION would prove the opposite! Very handy!

  • Pros: 3D navigation panorama
  • Cons: no refund/replacement in case of trouble
  • Price: $36.99
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Best IP Cameras

As you see, the price for the cameras starts at some $ 30. But you should not expect Full HD video and sound recordings as in the cinema. In the end, you’d get what you paid for. Professional devices are likely to find in the $ 150 range or more. Here are the IP models.

Wi-Fi Camera made by Amcrest

Photo: Amazon

The camera helps you control your four-legged friend. That’s OK. But care to pay close attention to all the manufacturer’s instructions during installation. It is well worth the effort. This way your cameras do not become a peephole for hackers and tensioners later on.

  • Pros: ProHD 1080P, cloud sync, security
  • Cons: no complaints so far
  • Price: $57.99
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Wireless 1080P Security Camera by Wansview

Photo: Amazon

Before you start with this little beast, change the default password and read the guide. A pro would brute force your unprotected system within a minute. This opens access to the images stored on the device. Protect your laptop, your webcam and the awesome Security Camera by Wansview.

  • Pros: 1080P HD, two-way audio, night vision, 1-year warranty, special alerts
  • Cons: picture lags at times, bad sound quality
  • Price: $39.99
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Wireless Camera by Conico

Photo: Amazon

Who takes the time, to integrate this camera into the home network gets the extra portion of security. It is also a good chance to check how it is going with the pups who are fun to watch when home alone.

  • Pros: 1080P HD, cloud sync, motion detection
  • Cons: no support for hidden SSID
  • Price: $39.99
Buy on Amazon

Light Bulb Security Camera 1080p Wireless Smart Camera by OLTEC

Photo: Amazon

I definitely recommend you, to check this gear by OLTEC. To stop hampering when the recordings are bad and jerky, check it twice before you start. With a little help from you, the device does stand to its promise well. 

  • Pros: the 360-degree fisheye lens, 1080P FULL HD, motion detection, push alerts
  • Cons: shaky design, slow Wi-Fi link
  • Price: $49.99
Buy on Amazon

Wireless Security Camera made by Wansview

Photo: Amazon

The manufacturer calls this device the first HD cam to track 100% wireless in HD quality. This is already tempting insofar as the cable is an annoying and ugly evil. As we would expect in the year 2019, the right app would link the camera to your gadgets. That’s how safety should work. If you do not have a smartphone, you can log in via any browser. Things like that are a daily grind. You cannot help but get emotional when you are watching your pup’s mischievous pranks.

  • Pros: 1080P HD, cloud sync, motion detection, night vision
  • Cons: shaky connection with the Wansview app
  • Price: $28.99
Buy on Amazon


You have many questions now and want to know what to look for when buying a pet camera? Here we go!

How do Wi-Fi security cameras work?

To get the right monitoring technology, you should pay attention to a few details as a buyer. To find the right camera, think twice before you buy. The demands and the respective requirements, and the fields of application – that’s a ternary.

Best dog camera treat dispenser?

Furbo Dog Camera. Period. The treats are tossed. I wouldn’t hang a GoPro around my cat’s neck like some pet owners do on YouTube. My surveillance attempts must be more subtle.

I opt for a white box called Furbo Dog Camera. The box sends a live stream from my apartment to the smartphone, has a night vision function and an intercom. About that, I should address Romy and lure in front of the wide-angle lens.

If the owner’s voice is insufficient, the box can also toss dry food and treats. Yes, Furbo drops a treat from the bottom of the device. This pet camera is an expensive option for monitoring animals. Yet, it could be a sound investment if your pet has separation anxiety. You can use this camera to train your pet to respond to ringtones from the camera. Best in class indeed!

Is a pet camera worth it?

Have you always wanted to know what your cat’s interests are on your walks? Does she prefer to sleep under a hedge, she likes to play with a mouse or scare her kind out of their territory? Are you watching your cat getting fatter? The camera will not disturb your animal while its pleasures are the subject of little commentary. The cameras are so small and light that they will not hinder your cat in any way. So yes, it is worth it. The pet’s joys are advanced to the foreground of the picture… The bright green spats of by-gone happiness are in your eyes… You can record these nice moments to share them on social media. And there are cameras that can even release a soothing scent when your pet is annoyed.

Can collar cameras hurt my pet?

In this case, the surveillance camera is attached to your cat’s collar. So you can find out with ease who of your neighbors is still feeding the cat in your stead. The cam can be attached to the collar delivered with the camera. It is then placed in the chest area of your cat.

At most, a tiny restriction could occur if the cat’s longer pout covers the lens of the camera. But with a pair of scissors, the cat’s chest hair can be trimmed to match the viewing angle.

Can I connect camera to my android phone?

Usually, I do not watch my cat, but she watches me. When my iPhone rings in the morning, two green eyes have already been pointed at me in the dark… They register every in-bed turn from the window sill. The cat wants breakfast, and I’m in bed, my bad. Well, but what if you run an Android phone? No problem at all. You can install the app and give it a try. Up to your liking!

What about night vision?

It is a nice feature which helps you see your pups by night or in the dark. Almost any camera these days has this option. You can link a second camera, one with a motion sensor, to your first one. My Motorola Scout 85 linked via HD Wi-Fi Pet Monitor gives me video streaming in HD quality. I can even have a snapshot whenever I want it. The picture quality is awesome.

What about Data security?

Have no fear. The data taken by the cameras are not transmitted to third parties.

Where should I look for camera equipment?

With Amazon, you have all your necessities within your reach! You will find a suitable observation system for every situation.

There are many aspects that can determine your choice for a suitable pet camera. There are cameras for outside, inside and with the infrared image for dark environments. If you want to see in the dark, these types of surveillance cameras are the best solution. With IR-equipped security camera, you can get the best images even in the dark. You also want your pet camera not to stand out. There are different options in this regard, such as the globe and spy cameras. It is also possible to opt for wireless solutions so that you do not have to spend much time pulling cables around. You can also come to Amazon for peripherals.

Think of the necessary cables, mounting systems, monitors… All the tools for your installation work. Amazon likes to think along with you for a complete camera system plan that fits your budget. All our items are stock available by Amazon. On their website, you will find all the information you need. You will discover that this is not as complicated as you might expect. Amazon also offers an installation service for you, so that you do not have to worry about it yourself.

Are these cameras legal?

That’s what you should know about home surveillance cameras! Now if you buy a home security camera, you should be aware of two things in particular. Cloaked cameras are prohibited for private households! If you have a nanny or a cleaning lady in the house, tell them that cameras are installed and running in the house. Hiding such devices is prohibited. Streets and neighboring properties are inhibited from filming entirely! Want to use your camera for outdoor and terrain surveillance? Here the legislator is in no joking mood. The camera may not record any parts of the adjacent street or properties.

Are these cameras hard to install?

As already mentioned, observe safety precautions during installation! First off, be careful and pay close attention to all the manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid safety peepholes transparent for hackers. Before deciding, please consider choosing a pet camera that suits your needs. It’s important, especially if it’s the first camera you get.

Can I use a mobile phone as a security camera?

Why not? As already mentioned, I have no problems using my Motorola as a cam. You want to turn your Android phone into a surveillance camera? Install a dedicated app and set up the phone up to your liking. As a surveillance phone, you can also use an old, discarded Android phones. From a second smartphone, you then receive the camera signal. Remember to connect your surveillance phone to a power source. Not that at some point the battery is empty and there is nothing on the film. 

If you set up the phone camera as theft protection, you should make sure that the smartphone is not easy to steal. If you do, you can locate the mobile phone for free as shown in the video above, and may then track the thief’s apartment. In any case, you should call the police for help.

How does it work then?

The video transmission is made via the mobile network. Use a prepaid SIM card with a corresponding Internet tariff. You can also use the voice function to then also receive sound and audio. Pass it on to the surveillance phone, for example, to warn your offspring or pet. Features:

  • Alerts you with instant notification on motion message.
  • The video from the surveillance camera will be displayed on your smartphone.
  • Audio can also be transmitted in both directions.
  • Is suitable for monitoring of house, children, pet, etc.

You can also stick a wide-angle lens on the smartphone camera to cover even more space.

A popular app to turn an Android device into a video surveillance camera is the free App IP Webcam. Access the video stream of the camera and transfer sound or take individual pictures.

The information about the sensor readings of the Android device is also there. As well as videos recorded by the motion detector.

Why should I opt for two-way audio? What’s in it for me?

Less for you, more for your pets) When opting for this feature check whether your new cam has a microphone and speaker. A pet camera with two-way audio has a microphone and speaker. These allow you to communicate with your pet. So you can talk well with your lone treasure via the pet surveillance app. Two-way communication allows you to give orders in case of emergency. It is so much fun to use this feature for the first time!

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