The Best Pet Heating Pad

best pet heating pad

Cold nights and chill days during late autumn and winter could be really disturbing for our friends. I mean pets of course. Or fuzzies are gentle to the temperature changes. That is why I insist on the necessity of buying a heating pad. Well, surely cold seasons are not all reasons to buy this product. Little newborn kittens and puppies with their mothers, senior dogs, and cats, pets with muscle pain and those who live outside long for extra heat.

So, do not think too much, whether your pet needs the heating mat or not (it won’t tell you anyways), just buy it. But beforehand read my review. Here you will find everything you need to know about the best dog heating pads of all kinds. And of course, I haven’t forgotten about the wide cats heating pad pick.

How to Select a Pet Heating Pad?

What I would not surely recommend you is to go and buy a simple blanket for people. They have different temperature levels and are too big for pets. However, this is far not everything you should know about the heating pads for pets. Here are some features you should take into consideration while choosing the best heating pad for your dog or your cat.

  • Size;
  • The source of the heat;
  • Location;


The size of the pad to my mind is the leading factor mainly for the pet owner. Your pet will be both happy with a big and small pad, but why to spoil the warmth itself. That is why you are to choose the electric heating pad just a little bit bigger than your kitten or doggo.

The source of the heat

The heating pad is not just the rug with the wire. Well, probably not all of them even have it. There are several types of heating pads for pets depending on the source of the heat.

Take to the consideration that the wire in the electric heating pad should be intact and have special protection from the chewers. The microwave pads must be made of non-toxic material. That is a vital thing! You are going to heat it all the time. The self-warming pads are the safest mats of all as the source of the heat the pet’s body temperature. And I highly recommend this type of a mat.


This criterion directly depends on the previous one. There are several reasons you can choose your heating pad for, but if you’ve chosen it for your pet convenience during the winter times outside, you need to take into consideration that an electric pad should not be ordinary. It should have a reinforced cable in its package. The reason is simple – water, wind, mud and other animals could make the ordinary one live for not so long time, and more than that be dangerous.


My dear friend, if you are reading my blog long enough you probably know, that I am on the lighter side and always push the certificated products. The heating pads for pets are obviously not an exception. And if you have chosen the product from the USA or Canada be sure that it has MET certification. It is the leader in the goods quality certification and nowadays works with global corporations in Asia and Europe.

There is another thing I want to tell you about safety. Remember, that pets are great chewers. So, all the cables inside the electric heating pad should be credibly hidden. And of course, they should be waterproof. Little puppies and kittens could make a lot of puddles! There are some pads with special covers that could be easily washed in case of contamination.

Top 3 Pet Heating Pads

I want to present to you my personal top 3 that received the best of the best reviews on the Amazon.

RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad

RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad, Upgraded Electric Dog Cat Heating Pad Indoor Waterproof, Auto Power Off 18 x 18 Grey

This is the latest update of the beloved pet pad. It was improved in 2019 that is why your pets could be absolutely calm, warm and happy during the upcoming winter. With this pad, you should not worry about electricity. It won’t spend much of it. On the contrary, it produces a lot but takes very little. More than that you can leave the device without control and it will be automatically turned off in 12 hours. 7 levels of protection make their job perfectly and your friends will never get burnt.

The heat is regulated, so basically, this rug is universal for every temperature inside the house and outside it. You can choose between the 80 – 130 ℉ temperature settings. The rug is moreover absolutely unbeatable and shouldn’t be washed separately as there is a special cover.

+ High-quality wire; H 2% of consumers admit that the max temperature of the pad does not correspond to the 130 ℉.
+ Long warranty;
Safe temperature control;
+ Auto power off tool.

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PETNF Upgraded Pet Heating Pad for Dogs, Cats with Timer

Upgraded Pet Heating Pad for Dogs Cats with Timer,Safety Cat Dog Heating Pad,Waterproof Electric Heated Cat Dog Bed Mat,Heated Pad Dog House Heater,Heated

The pad by PETNF is one of the best pads that were ever produced. The temperature range is pretty the same compared to the previous product (86-131℉). The same technology of the auto power-off came to perfection. It is possible to set the heating time in the 5 levels of 4/8/12/24 hours.

The flame-retardant function will protect your animal and your house from the accidental fire. Moreover, the external fleece cover is absolutely waterproof.

The wires are also chewed proof. Well, that doesn’t mean that you should allow your pet to drill through that cable. But at least you can be calm that it would be relatively much harder to do this compared with other brands.

Though some owners want everything being in order at their homes I should warn you that the producers forbid puncturing the pad. You can damage the wires and the product won’t be safe anymore.

The power of the pad measures 55 watts and it is presented in two sizes of 29.5”x17.7” and 19.7”x15.8”.

+ Waterproof formula that protects the pad from the inflaming;From my point of view, everything is flawless about this pad; however, only 2% of consumers had problems with the functioning of their items.
+ The convenient size choice;
Timer and light indicator;
+ Wires are protected with the plastic surface and the metal layer which prevents the electrocuting;
+ Overheating protection;
+ Easily washed in the washing machine.

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K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Mat

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Mat, Mocha, 6W

The main feature that paid my attention was the extremely little amount of electricity use – only 6 watts! Sound as the deal of the day, right? Well, the advantages of this model are not ended up here. This item corresponds to your pet body temperature and automatically responds to the changes. The pad consists of a movable cover, which could be easily rinsed and the heater. Well, the last one is should have any contact with the water.

What is not less important (or I think even more important than any other factor) this product is recommended by the MET Labs. That means that there is nothing to worry about the tool. The warranty seems to be also very nice (1 year).

Though the color range is not that wide, the Sage and Mocha tones became one of the factors that consumers excited about. These colors will suit to any possible interior. There also 2 available sizes: depending on your cat or dog size you can choose the smaller (12.5-inch x 25 inch) or the bigger variant (14 inch x 28 inch). More than that, it can heat up to the 102 °F. That is the natural body temperature of cats and dogs. It will be an ideal whelping heating pad as well. So, this heat is not harmful, but just cozy.

+ Soft, gentle and stylish;– Some consumers regretted the purchase because their pets refused to sit on it for some reason.
+ The convenient size choice;About 4% of those who’ve bought the device said that it didn’t warm up at all.
Adjusts to the animals’ body temperature;
+ Easy to handle device for the indoor use;
+ Long warranty;
+ MET Labs certification.

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The 5 Best Heating Pads for Cats

Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwave Heating Pad

Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwave Heating Pad

This is the safest and the most convenient type of pad. The Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwave Heating Pad will warm your kitten for 10 hours until you need to refresh it. It works outside as well. The technology was designed especially for the new-born, so it is absolutely safe and sound. Though it was produced in the UK it has been popular on the American market for long 16 years and went through the required certification. It is free from all the toxins and the thermal cat mat preserves the solid-state.

The Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwave Heating Pad weighs for 3 pounds and this small cookie-looking pad will be the favorite leisure place for pets of small size. The dimensions are the following 8.5 x 8.8 x 1.5 inch. It is a microwaved pad, so no battery is required. However, the warranty is twice longer then the majority of electric heating pads have (2 years).

+ 3 minutes of heating time; The products heat too fast (3% of the consumers argued on the pad’s deformation after the long heating).
+ Non-toxic thermal cat mat;
Removable cover that could be easily washed in the washing machine;
+ Could cover a bigger area placed under the blanket.

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K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Mat

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Mat, Mocha, 6W

This is the heated pad recommended but the MET Labs. It is stylish and reliable, waterproof mat with one-year warranty and only 6 watts electricity usage.

You can buy in in the standard size (12.5x 25 inch). The bed will maintain the heat of 15℉ until the animal will lie on it. After that it will be rising till the 102 ℉. It is recommended to wash the cover on the gentle cycle in the cold water.

+ Soft, gentle and stylish; Several consumers reported on the break of the device after two days of usage.
+ Adjusts to the animals’ body temperature;
MET Labs certification.

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Millard Thermal Cat Mat

Milliard Thermal Cat Mat

A thermal cat mat work in the following way: the pet lies on it and the thermal layer of the mat reflects the warmth of the pet’s body to create a comfy atmosphere. The mat by Millard is one of the best in its’ kind. It is soft and will serve you for long years. You can throw it in the wash without any hesitation and the materials of high quality will be unchanged as if you have just bought it.

The size of the thermal cat mat is also pretty comfortable (21×17 inch) that is why it will perfectly suit your kittens and adult cats. The mat works without any electrical wires, so you shouldn’t have any safety concerns.

So, do not bother and make your pet happy in the chilly weather with the best cat heating pad pick.

+ No electricity involved; However, it seemed to be the deal of the day, about 3% of consumers complained of the crinkly sound of the mat.
+ Toxins-free fabric formula;
Removable cover;
+ Washing machine friendly cloth;
+ Lower price comparable to previously mentioned brands.

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Pet Heating Pad for Cats Dogs by LESOTC

Pet Heating Pad for Cats Dogs,Soft Electric Blanket Auto Temperature Control Waterproof Indoor,Animal Bed Warmer House Heater Heated Floor Mat,Whelping...

This electric pad produces up to 109.4℉ for your fluffy which equals the approximate body temperature. The temperature also regulates automatically. The mechanisms work in the following way – when the pad becomes as hot as 109.4℉ it turns off, but as the time goes it becomes colder. When the temperature reaches the level of 96 ℉ it turns on and warms up till the pad won’t be 109.4℉ again.

The wire was also created extremely wisely as it has the chew resistance on all length (59 inch). This best heating pad would be useful for those animals that need body pain relief as well as while cold seasons for the hairless cats won’t be chilly.

It powers 30 watts and has 2 years warranty. This pad has a 4.5/5 rating on and 78% of consumers admit that this pad serves perfectly as the additional mat in the pet’s bed.

The waterproof fabric will make the kittens and their mother bed homely and warm place. Do not hesitate to buy it and forget about layers of blankets that do not add any warmth.

+ Toxins-free fabric formula; About 2% of people observed the smell of the pad after it had been heated.
+ Removable cover;
Washing machine friendly cloth;
+ The convenient size choice;
+ Natural animal’s body temperature.

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PAWCHIE Cat Self-Heating Pad

PAWCHIE Cat Self-Heating Pad Self-Warming Pet Bed Mat Blanket with Snowflake Print Suede Winter Warm Blanket for Puppies and Cats

The 100% soft and toxins-free cotton background gives the special magic and sense of the home for your fuzzy. That what I call “the deal of the day”! It is a self-warming mat that you can wash in the machine without hesitation. It is an ideal mat for traveling as it is easily portable and weights not much at all. It is electricity-free and available in two zesty colors that will go to any house decoration.

Cats and small dogs will feel a real comfort and the most suitable temperature for them. As basically this mat works individually. It accurately reflects the animal’s body temperature since the cat feels much toastier while sleeping or leisure time.

The size of the mat is rather univers1al 35.4 x 29.5 inch. However, this item is a little bit bigger than other rugs of that type it is still a wise cat heating pad pick. I’ve found no bad reviews on this mat… Among the products I gave presented in this article, the attitude towards this product is the most positive of all.

+ Natural material;– All the consumers are satisfied with this item for today.
+ Pretty and simple design;
Easily portable;
+ No electricity required;
+ Not expensive (give or take an average price on the market);
+ Machine wash is appreciated.

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The 5 Best Dog Heating Pads

K&H PET PRODUCTS Original Lectro-Kennel Outdoor Heated Pet Pad

K&H PET PRODUCTS Original Lectro-Kennel Outdoor Heated Pet Pad

K&H products are extremely popular on the market. They are believed to be the best dog heating pads. And this is not a surprising thing as they have proved to be a reliable brand. For 40 years they support puppies and kittens from their first days to the old age. The more I like about products of this brand is that they do support the diversity and the consumer’s right to choose. To be more specific I appreciate the range of sizes. You can select between the following dimensions: Small (12.5 x 18.5 inch), Medium (16.5 x 22.5 inch), and Large (22.5 x 28.5 inch).

The standard packaging includes 5 and a half feet cord with the chewing protection and free fleece cover. This electric outdoor heated pad uses 60 watts and suits for garages and other sheltered areas. This mat is recommended by MET Labs and the warranty is given for 1 year. It will warm up till the normal pet’s temperature of 102°F.

+ Wide range of sizes; Some users complain that after buying that mat the electricity bills have risen;
+ Chew protected cord specially for the outdoor heated pad; Several users have also observed the cracks after the winter season.
Fleece cover for free;
+ Machine washable.

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RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad

RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad, Upgraded Electric Dog Cat Heating Pad Indoor Waterproof, Auto Power Off 18 x 18 Grey

This mat can make rabbits, cats, dogs, and other animals extremely happy. It produces from 80 to 130 ℉ of heat. The structure of the pad consists of 7 layers that protect the pet from the burnt. There is a special sensor that also prevents overheating.

The auto power-off tool could be set as you wish from 1 to 12 hours. All materials of the pad were made of waterproof materials. To be honest I was a little bit confused when I tried to switch it on. So, I want to give you a brief list of taboo in order not to spoil it.

  1. The pad should be flat while starting it.
  2. Even after the start, you couldn’t fold it.
  3. Do not water while it turned on.
  4. Even though the cord is protected from the chewing. Do not cultivate this habit. Not all the wires at your home were designed in this way.
  5. Do not leave the house with the device turned on.
  6. Make sure that it is dry. Do not plug in the wet pad.
+ Non-toxic wool and polyester fabric; Well, there is the one negative review on the However, it is devoted to the device that stopped working in 2 days. Statistically, that could happen, but the company promises a refund in such cases.
+ Solid unchewable cord;
Waterproof material;
+ Time setting;
+ Wide range of temperature setting.

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JUEYINGЗ Pet Cat Dog Heating Pad

JUEYING Pet Cat Dog Heating Pad - Heated Pad for Pets - Warming Mat for Dogs - Electric Heat Bed with Adjustable Temperature, Chew Resistant Steel Cord

Like the previous product, the warranty lasts for 12 months, but there is an extra advantage. The company offers a 30-day full refund. The consumer could buy the pad and return it if there was something wrong with the product.

The temperature adjustment is a little bit different compared to other pads (77to 122⁰F). Both senior cats and new-born kittens would be happy. Also according to many reviewers, it is one of the best dog heating pads. According to the producer, the technology of the built-in intelligent helps to prevent overheating. After the temperature reached the border of the 122⁰F the electric pad would switch off.

The mat is square (17 x 17 inch). The design is also very distinguished. Some consumers won’t like this style; however, all guests of your house will know exactly where your dog sleeps. Well, that’s simply the matter of taste.

+ Waterproof formula; About 5-6% of people who purchased this admit that it burnt on the highest temperature. My suggestion would be to test it first before allowing your dog/cat to lie on it.
+ Temperature adjustment;
Relatively low price;
+ The protected wire;
+ 20 watts usage of electricity.

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K&H Lectro Soft Heated Pet Bed

This pad would be suitable for outdoor doghouses. It could be also suitable for barns and garages. This bed is claimed to be orthopedic. So it will help to relieve the pain for the senior pets. The electricity usage is 20 watts. The dimensions are 14 x 18 inch. The cord is also chew-resistant. Well, these features are pretty the same for the entire brand presented in this article.

It should be also pointed out that all the products made by the K&H Company are recommended by the MET Labs.

+ Waterproof formula; As the price of this mat is relatively high the several buyers were extremely disappointed when their pads of this brand didn’t work. However, such cases are rare.
+ The protected wire;
20 watts usage of electricity;
+ Non-toxic wool and polyester fabric.

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Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Mat

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Mat | Insulated Self-Warming Pet Bed Mat, Water-Resistant Thermal Throw Blanket, & Absorbent Chenille Bath Towel Rug for Dogs

However, this mat does not have size (17 x 22 x 0.25 inch) variations it has the widest range of colors and textures comparing with all pads that were previously described. This blanket is electricity-free, so basically it keeps the warmth of your animals’ body. It is extremely portable and perfect for traveling as it doesn’t require power.

It is washable but do it very gently. The wild chewers are not welcomed! Well, I am joking, but this material is not protected from your pet’s teeth as the previous ones.

+ Do not require electricity; Gentle material;
+ Wide range of colors; Some consumers reported an unpleasant smell.

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Types of Pet Heating Pad

The heating pads became extremely popular in the last several years. There are 3 types of that product.

Electric pads – both for cats and dogs can work for a long time. Some models even can process for 24 hours without switching off. More than that, there are outdoor heated pads and indoor mats that could be distinguished by the length of the cord and the waterproofness level.

Pads that could be heated in the microwave – require the restoration of the heat. Obviously, that not the same with the simple napkin to be heated in the microwave as the microwave heated pet mat would defiantly hold the heat longer, but not forever of course. You have about 10 hours before you will need to warm it up again. That is why it requires more effort.

Self-warming pads – could be a real godsend for those who afraid to let the electric pad stays on the whole day and for those who cannot warm up the microwave one several times per day. The source of the heat is the animal itself as the heat it produces doesn’t evaporate. This is surely the best heating pad type for me.


How do heating pads work?

That directly depends on the type of heating pad. The microwave pads heat from the heat of the microwave; the electric heating pads work from the electricity (the usage ranges from 6 to 80 watts); the thermal cat mats are warmed up from the pet’s body temperature. 

How hot do heating pads get?

The average pad warms up to the 122 – 130 ⁰F. The reason for that is the temperature of the animal’s body. 

How safe are pet heating pads?

The animal warming pads that heat up from the body’s temperature of the animal are safe. However, the fabric should be also harmless.

The electric heating pads, as well as microwave mats, require a special certification. The most credible certificate is MET Labs.

How good do cat heating pads work in cold weather?

For both cats and dogs, heating pads are perfect. Especially in cold weather, these products could help to maintain their natural temperature.

Where to put a dog heating pad?

Well, the outdoor heated pads don’t mean to be put on the grass. Normally owners make special places in the barns, garages or covered doghouses for their pets. The above best dog heating pads fit perfectly there.

How long to use a heating pad on dog?

Such things should not be used 24/7. On most electric pads there are build-in timers, that could regulate that process. Do not overheat your pet. My recommendation is the microwave mats, as a pet would not be burnt. The temperature only decreases there.

Are heating pads safe for pets?

Yes, but a good suggestion would be to consult the vet. The examination could show some conditions when heating is forbidden at all. So, simply, as always, be attentive to your four-legged friends.

So, do not lose time! Go, and buy something warm and cozy for your pet. Remember, winter is coming…

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