Can Rabbits Eat Bok Choy? (What is The RISK?)

Rabbits love the taste and texture of Bok choy because it is very crunchy and delicious.  There are mainly two varieties of Bok choy available in the market such as white-stemmed type, and Shanghai Bok Choy. Bok choy contains a good amount of water, fibers, minerals, and nutrients, its leaves are more like spinach leaves and you must be thinking if it is safe to feed your rabbits or not.

However, can rabbits eat Bok choy? Yes, rabbits can eat Bok choy, you can feed 2 cups of Bok choy three times a week to your rabbits. Better to mix it with other vegetables like carrot, zucchini, asparagus, and spinach. Always feed clean and fresh Bok choy instead of dry, cooked, or frozen. Always give Bok choy as a treat, not as a replacement of regular food.

Table of Contents

  1. Nutritional Facts
  2. How To Feed Bok Choy To Bunny?
  3. How Much Quantity Of Bok Choy Should We Feed To rabbits?
  4. Health Benefits Of Bok Choy For Rabbits
  5. Can Rabbits Eat Bok Choy Stems And Core?
  6. The Risks Of Overfeeding Bok Choy To Rabbits
  7. FAQ
  8. Can Rabbits Eat Bok Choy Conclusion
Can Rabbits Eat Bok Choy? (What is The RISK?)

Nutritional Facts

100 grams of raw Bok choy contain the following amount of nutrients;

Nutrients Amount
Energy 13 kcal
Protein 1.5 g
Fat 0.2 g
Dietary Fibers 1.0 g
Vitamin C 45 mg
Calcium 105 mg
Magnesium 19 mg
Sodium 65 mg
Iron 0.80 mg

How To Feed Bok Choy To Bunny?

Following are some good ways to get a better idea about how we can feed Bok choy to our rabbits

Proper washing

When you are feeding bok choy to your rabbits, just make sure that you have washed it to eliminate harmful bacteria or harmful chemicals


It is better if you will cut bok choy into small pieces so that your rabbit can easily chew them.

Fresh Bok Choy

It would be good if you always feed fresh raw bok choy to your rabbits instead of frozen and cooked ones.

Start With a Small Amount

Always start to feed with small amounts and after feeding keep your rabbit under your observation for about 24 hours, and see how they behave

Don’t Feed young rabbits

Do not feed bok choy to rabbits younger than 12 months because they have very delicate digestive systems.

How Much Quantity Of Bok Choy Should We Feed To rabbits?

You can feed bok choy to your rabbits about three times a week. Feeding your rabbit more can lead to gas, diarrhea, and other health issues in your bunnies. It is healthier if you serve 2 cups of bok choy with other vegetables(celery, parsley, brussels sprouts and carrots) per 2 pounds of your bunny’s weight in order to add more nutrients to your bunny’s diet.

Always wash bok choy with water because many pesticides and harmful chemicals could be present on the surface of vegetables that can move to the digestive system of your bunny and cause several health issues such as diarrhea, gas, and sometimes constipation.

Health Benefits Of Bok Choy For Rabbits

Bok choy is a healthy and nutritious leafy vegetable and it is also very healthy for your pet rabbits, following are the health benefits of bok choy for rabbits

Source of water

Bok choy is a rich source of water that is enough to keep your rabbit hydrated.

Source of calcium

Low calcium in the bok choy is good enough for the bones and hair of your rabbits.

Source of energy

Iron in the bok choy is very beneficial for the blood of your pet bunny.

Source of fibers

Bok choy is rich in fibers which are very important for the overall health of bunnies.

Source of iron

Iron in bok choy is very healthy for your bunny’s growth and development.

Source of magnesium

The magnesium in bok choy is good for the muscles of your bunny.

Source of phosphorous

A good amount of phosphorus is present in bok choy, which is very healthy for the bones of your bunny.

Can Rabbits Eat Bok Choy Stems And Core?

Yes, rabbits can eat bok choy stem and core but it also depends upon the digestive system of your rabbit, if they have a weak digestive system, they may develop gas. But if your rabbit is healthy, he can enjoy the core and stem of bok choy as an occasional treat. 

The core of the bok choy contains calcium, which strengthens the bones and teeth of your bunnies. You can feed up to 2 tablespoons of stem and core of this vegetable to your pet rabbit 2 times a week. Before serving the stems of bok choy, it is better to wash and cut them into small pieces because eating large pieces is unsafe for your pet rabbits and can cause choking issues.

The Risks Of Overfeeding Bok Choy To Rabbits

There are certain health risks of overfeeding bok choy to your lovely rabbit, such as

  • If Your rabbit overfeeds bok choke, he may develop diarrhea and GI stasis. 
  • Thiocyanate in bok choy is very dangerous for your bunny’s liver and kidney so you must give moderate amounts to your bunny.
  • The high fiber content in bok choy can cause loose stool if your rabbits overfeed bok choy. 
  • Additionally, overfeeding bok choy can cause excessive bloating and gas for your rabbit.


Can Rabbits Eat Bok Choy Leaves?

Yes, you can serve bok choy leaves to your bunnies, it provides all the required nutrients and minerals. Rabbits are pure herbivores, their diet should consist of water, hay, and fresh vegetables. Bok choy leaves contain high amounts of vitamin A, which helps to support your rabbit’s vision.

They also provide vitamin C, which helps boost the immune system and improve bone growth. In addition, calcium found in the leaves is beneficial for the teeth and bones of your bunny. You can feed your rabbits one or two bok choy leaves three times a week.

Can I Give Bok Choy To My Rabbits Every Day?

No, rabbits cannot eat bok choy every day because bok choy contains both calcium and oxalates, two substances and your rabbits must take them in small amounts. Too much calcium in bok choy can lead to bladder stones or urinary tract infections, and too many oxalates can cause kidney damage in your bunny. Therefore, we suggest you introduce bok choy into your rabbit’s diet slowly and in small amounts. Hence it is best to give bok choy only as a treat.

Do Rabbits Like Bok Choy Or Pak Choi?

Yes, rabbits love to eat bok choy( name in the US) or pak choi(name in the UK) because it is very crunchy and flavourful. Bok choy provides essential vitamins and minerals that benefit your rabbit’s health.

However, it should never replace hay or grass in your rabbit’s diet but you can feed them occasionally. Additionally, bok choy has a low amount of calories, which is very good for rabbits with diabetes. Always feed fresh bok choy or pak choi to your bunnies and start with small amounts in order to check how they respond to this new addition in their diets.

Can Rabbits Eat Bok Choy Conclusion

Bok Choy is a leafy green vegetable that provides essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, C, folate, and calcium. These are all essential nutrients that rabbits need to stay healthy. However, when feeding Bok Choy to your rabbit, you should always give it in moderation as too much could lead to digestive issues such as diarrhea, gas, or bloating. Make sure the bok choy leaves have been washed thoroughly before serving, and only give them as a treat to your pet rabbit!

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