Can Rabbits Eat Corn Chips(Risk Of Overfeeding Tortilla Chips)

Rabbits love to eat corn or tortilla chips because they are very crunchy and tasty. Corn chips are made in vegetable oil and salt on a high flame. Corn is rich in carbohydrates and protein and due to its sugary flavor rabbits like their taste. Rabbits should eat hay and small amounts of pellets everyday however, we can add small amounts of fruits and vegetables to make our rabbit’s diet healthy and nutritious. This article will discuss whether you can feed your rabbit these chips or not.

However, can rabbits eat corn chips?  Rabbits can eat corn chips only in a very small amount because these chips are rich in fats and carbohydrates, which are very risky for your bunny’s health. Overfeeding corn or tortilla chips can result in gastrointestinal stasis, diarrhea, and obesity. Feeding three corn chips a week will be good for your bunnies.

Can Rabbits Eat Corn Chips

Table of Contents

  1. How Much Corn Chips Can I Feed To My Rabbit?
  2. Are Corn Chips Safe For Rabbits?
  3. Risk Of Overfeeding Tortilla Chips Or Corn Chips To Rabbits
  4. Nutritional Facts
  5. FAQ
  6. Can Rabbits Eat Corn Chips Conclusion

How Much Corn Chips Can I Feed To My Rabbit?

You can feed three corn chips to your pet rabbit once a week, and this amount will not affect the health of your bunnies. Rabbits eat tortilla chips whenever you offer them, however, feeding more corn chips or tortilla chips to bunnies can lead to severe health issues. Rabbits cannot eat too much chips(corn) because they are sweet and are made in vegetable oil. Rabbits can’t eat corn because they contains too much fat to make your rabbit obese, so it should not be the part of a rabbit’s diet.

Moreover, corn is a little hard and can cause choking issues in your bunny, therefore, it would be best if you serve very little corn chips to your bunnies just for the taste. Moreover, corn chips have no beneficial nutritional value for rabbits, so there’s no need to give them even as a treat.

Are Corn Chips Safe For Rabbits?

Too many corn chips are not safe for your pet, however, one or two are safe for rabbits to eat. Rabbits have difficulty in digesting cooked corn like these chips because they are herbivores and they eat leafy greens like hay. In addition, the texture of the chips can cause issues in the digestive system like intestinal blockage in your rabbits because they can’t handle processed food.

Moreover these chips have little nutritional value, so there are no benefits of feeding corn to rabbits. Overeating corn chips can lead to obesity and other digestive problems like gas and diarrhea. Rabbits can eat blueberries and other fruits like apple, banana and fresh vegetables as a healthy diet.

Risk Of Overfeeding Tortilla Chips Or Corn Chips To Rabbits

Feeding large amounts of corn chips is unhealthy for your rabbit, and experts do not recommend giving these chips to your rabbits. However, if your rabbits eats two to three fragments of corn chips, it won’t affect their health, but feeding more can lead to various types of issues, such as; 

GI Stasis

GI stasis is a possible risk if your rabbit overeats starchy food such as corn chips that are rich in carbs and starch, and they are not healthy for your bunny’s diet. Our rabbits need a diet high in fiber and low in carbs, but corn  ingredients i the corn chips are not suitable for our bunnies. So we must avoid feeding them too many corn chips.

The signs of GI stasis are

  • Anorexia(loss of appetite)
  • Depression
  • Bruxism
  • Silent posture

If you observe the following signs in your bunny, immediately consult your vet because these are severe complications.


Our bunnies usually get diarrhea when they eat food that does not suit their stomach, such as corn chips, a fast food. Corn chips are made in oil and at high flame, so they can lead to digestive conditions such as loose stools.


Corn chips are made in vegetable oil, salt, and water. Too much salt can cause dehydration in bunnies if your rabbit has overeaten corn chips or tortilla chips.


If we feed more corn chips to our bunnies, they may develop severe health issues and also lead to obesity because of the high fat and carbs content in corn chips. Moreover, obesity is not just weight gain. It also affects the healthy organs of your bunny, like the heart, liver, kidney, and many others. If your rabbit is obese, it may face difficulty breathing, cannot run faster, and cannot be as active as all other normal rabbits.

We do not recommend to feed processed foods like corn chips and honey for rabbits because these kinds of chips are rich in salt, fat, and other ingredients, which can cause digestive tract problems if eaten regularly and in large quantities.

Nutritional Facts

100 grams of corn chips contain the following nutrients;

Nutrients Amount
Energy 218 kcal
sugar 0.9 g
Carbohydrates 44.6 g
Dietary Fibers 6.3 g
Protein 5.7 g
Fats 2.8 g
Vitamin C 0 mg
Vitamin E 0.3 mg
Calcium 81 mg
Sodium 45 mg
Copper 0.15 mg
Iron 1.2 mg
Magnesium 0.72 mg
Zinc 1.3 mg


How Often Can I Give Corn Chips To My Rabbit?

Corn chips are not healthy for your bunnies however, you can only give them a minimal amount once a week. Corn chips are a popular snack food among humans, but you should only provide as an occasional treat to your bunny.

Corn chips are high in salt, fat, and carbohydrates which can be harmful if your rabbit eats them in large amounts. Due to their low nutritional value, they are not healthy for your bunny, so to prevent health risks, it is better to give 2 or 3 corn chips once a week.

Can Baby Rabbit Eat Corn Chips?

No, baby rabbits can not eat corn chips at all, especially when they are younger than 12 months. They should only be given their mother’s milk at this age because their digestive system is so weak that it cannot digest large amounts of fats, proteins, and carbs.

Corn chips contain too much fat and salt, which can damage the digestive systems of your bunnies. Additionally, the teeth of your baby rabbits are still growing, so they cannot chew solid foods like corn chips, and they may develop dental issues if they eat too many of them.

Can Rabbits Eat Corn Chips Conclusion

We do not recommend you serve corn chips to your bunnies as they are bad for rabbits. If your rabbit has eaten 2 to 3 corn chips, it will not harm your bunnies’ health. Giving extra corn chips can develop GI stasis, obesity, and diarrhea in rabbits.

The nutrients in corn chips are not very healthy, so it is not a good choice for your bunnies. You can serve small amounts of fresh corn and also corn husks but never give dried corn as it can develop health problems in rabbits .Moreover, never feed even a small amount of corn to rabbits younger than three months.

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