Can Rabbits Eat Green Beans? (Are Fresh Green Beans Safe For Bunny?)

Pet rabbits start eating everything that they eat because they are very foody. Being a responsible owner, you must feed them a kind of food that is healthy for their health. Green beans are common cereals; almost all have them in our homes. There are different varieties of green beans and each with its own characteristics.

However, Can rabbits eat green beans? Yes, you can feed your rabbit a small number of green beans as they are harmless for your bunny’s health instead they are very nutritious. Green beans have low amounts of sugar and are high in fiber. Eating more green beans can cause indigestion which can lead to GI stasis and gas.

Table of Contents

  1. Types Of Green Beans You can Feed To Your Rabbits
  2. How Can I Feed Green Beans To My Rabbit?
  3. How Much Green Beans Can I Give To My Rabbit?
  4. What Happens If I Feed Too Many Green Beans To My Rabbit?
  5. Are Green Beans Safe For Rabbits?
  6. Varieties of Green Beans
  7. Benefits of Green Beans
  8. Nutritional Value Of Green Beans
  9. Can Rabbits Eat String Beans?
  10. Can Pet Rabbits Eat Green Beans?
  11. Can Rabbits Eat Canned And Cooked Green Beans?
  12. FAQ
  13. Conclusion
Can Rabbits Eat Green Beans? (Are Fresh Green Beans Safe For Bunny?)

Types Of Green Beans You can Feed To Your Rabbits

In grocery stores, we see different varieties of green beans. The varieties of green beans include dry green beans, frozen green beans, canned green beans, and fresh green beans. But if you are buying it for your rabbit, it is best to go for fresh green beans.

The stomachs of rabbits are very sensitive, so it is very hard for them to digest dried green beans, canned green beans, or frozen green beans. Frozen food loses much of its flavor and your rabbit may reject eating this. While canned food contains some harmful ingredients that can be very toxic for your bunny.

How Can I Feed Green Beans To My Rabbit?

If you plan to feed rabbits green beans, you are good to go, but you should do it slowly. Make sure that you serve only one food item at one time. The sudden diet change in any animal’s life can cause serious health issues. Rabbits have delicate stomachs, so you must introduce a new food into their diet in small portions.

You can start by giving one bean pod, which is very healthy and nutritious for your bunny. Keep an eye on them while feeding green beans. Because if these beans do not suit them, your rabbit may develop GI distress. The other signs of GI distress may include diarrhea and anorexia(loss of appetite). After observing all these signs you should stop giving them. If they feel ok while eating these green beans, you can give them a small amount of it two times a week.

How Much Green Beans Can I Give To My Rabbit?

If you want to feed your rabbits green beans, you can give them according to their age because a healthy portion of beans depends upon the age of your rabbit, and You can see the following table:

Rabbit’s weight Portion Of Green Beans
1.1 to 3.5 Less than 128 g
6 to 10 348 to 640 g
9 to 12 348 to 760 g

What Happens If I Feed Too Many Green Beans To My Rabbit?

If your rabbit has eaten too many green beans at a time, don’t worry. Only Observe changes in your rabbit’s behavior. If your rabbit avoids eating anything or it is challenging for the rabbit to poop out, it can be a serious matter. You should talk to your vet in case of an emergency.

Once my rabbit had eaten so many green beans and was very uncomfortable, and left eating nothing. I immediately consulted my veteran, and he asked me what I gave him last, I told him a detailed history of the diet I was feeding.

My veteran said my rabbit’s stomach is upset due to eating many green beans, he told me my rabbit had developed gas in the intestine, making him uncomfortable. He recommends feeding him soft foods like peppers and carrots until he gets well.

Are Green Beans Safe For Rabbits?

Yes, green beans are very safe for your rabbits, they have a great number of nutrients and water which keeps your rabbit filled and hydrated. These beans are very healthy for the immune system and keep your digestive system very healthy. Just be sure to feed them a moderate amount and give them as a treat only, not as a meal.

Varieties of Green Beans

The following types of beans you can serve to your rabbits

  • Common green beans also referred to as snap beans, French beans, or string beans
  • Yardlong beans
  • Runner beans
  • lablab beans
  • Hyacinth beans
  • Italian beans or flat beans
  • Long beans

Among all varieties of beans, green beans are safer for your rabbit.

Benefits of Green Beans

Green beans are a type of legume packed with nutrients and antioxidants.

Source Of Fibers

Green beans are a good source of fiber. They can help to regulate digestion and keep your rabbit feeling full longer.

Source Of Vitamins And Other Minerals

Green beans are also a good source of vitamins A, C, K, and B6 and minerals like iron and magnesium.

Source Of Antioxidants

The antioxidants in green beans can help protect the cells from damage. They also help to reduce your risk of chronic diseases.

Source Of Calcium And Phosphorous

Calcium and phosphorus are good for bones, teeth, muscles, and other organs.

Nutritional Value Of Green Beans

100g of green beans have the following amount of nutrients:

Nutrients Amount
Carbohydrates 7g
Fibers 2.7 g
Fats 0.2 g
Calories 31
Protein 1.8 g
Vitamin A 35 mcg
Vitamin C 12.2 mcg
Vitamin K 43 mcg
Iron  1 mg
Potassium 211 mg
Folate 33 mg
Carbohydrates 7g
Fibers 2.7 g
Fats 0.2 g
Calories 31
Protein 1.8 g
Vitamin A 35 mcg
Vitamin C 12.2 mcg
Vitamin K 43 mcg
Iron  1 mg
Potassium 211 mg
Folate 33 mcg

Can Rabbits Eat String Beans?

Rabbits can eat string beans, green beans, or French beans. These belong to the same variety of green beans. Bunnies enjoy eating string beans! String beans are a great source of nutrients for your rabbit and are a rich source of fiber. They also help keep their digestive system healthy.

When feeding your rabbit string beans, make sure to remove the strings from the bean first. You can give your rabbit a whole string bean or cut it into smaller pieces – whichever your rabbit prefers. Be sure to check how much your rabbit is eating, as too many string beans can cause gas and bloating.

Can Pet Rabbits Eat Green Beans?

Green beans are a healthy, nutrient-rich vegetable that can be a part of your rabbit’s diet. While all rabbits should have hay as their main diet, green beans can be a healthy addition. They consist of an excessive amount of fiber and required vitamins.

 While feeding green beans to your pet rabbit, start with a little quantity to observe how they react. Some rabbits may not bear eating beans well, so it’s better to start slowly. If your rabbit grows well with green beans, you can increase the quantity you feed in small portions.

Can Rabbits Eat Canned And Cooked Green Beans?

Try to avoid serving both canned and cooked green beans. Don’t give the kind that is cooked in salt. It is because they have susceptible digestive systems and may get diarrhea, bloating, and other health hazards.

Frozen green beans lose much of their flavor when they are deeply frozen, and your rabbit may avoid eating them. Many veterans suggest not to give cooked food to your bunnies.


How Often Can I Feed Green BeansTo to My Rabbit?

Feeding the correct amount of green beans also depends upon their age, such as

– If your rabbit is over five years old, you can feed them green beans daily.
– If your bunny’s age is less than 12 weeks or three months, you can only feed up to 15 grams.

And if the bunny is seven weeks old, you can gradually increase the vegetable content in their diets.

Can Rabbits Eat Green Bean Stalks and Leaves? 

Yes, rabbits can eat stalks and leaves of green beans. If you have in your backyard a vegetable garden, it’s better to grow all beneficial fruits and vegetables that are good for the health of your bunny including green beans.

So that you can feed them with fresh stalks and leaves to your pet bunnies. Keep it mind if you remove the whole plant of green beans from the market just to make sure it is fresh and not hard. It is because hard stalks can cause digestive issues and it is hard to chew them.

Do Wild Rabbits Eat Green Beans?

Rabbits can eat anything that suits their sense of taste because they have a variety of options to eat so they eat whatever comes in front of them. Wild rabbits can enjoy beans and peas plants whenever they find them.

Their digestive systems will not be affected more because the wild rabbits eat hay and green leaves of different fruits and vegetables. 


Fresh green beans are the best nutritious choice for your rabbits. You can serve one or two pieces of green beans once or twice a week. It’s better to serve it with green beans with other vegetables or fruits. Adding green beans is very beneficial for their health as it has less sugar and more fiber. Wash them before serving.

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