Can Rabbits Eat Hamster Food? (RISK of Overfeeding)

Most rabbits like to eat anything you offer them, but it does not mean it will suit their health too. Many people think that most animals share the same foods and similar nutrition, but it is not true that every animal has the same nutritional requirements. Rabbits and hamsters have different nutritional requirements. For example, rabbits require a high-fiber and low-calories diet. Some people might think of feeding hamster food to their bunnies which looks like pellets that we provide to our rabbits, but it’s not true because both have different nutritional values. Before feeding anything to your rabbits, you must research.

Can rabbits eat hamster food? No, you should not feed hamster food to your rabbits because of its nutrients as it is rich in protein and fats and less in fiber. If your rabbits accidentally eat a tiny amount of hamster food, it will not affect their health but overfeeding can develop GI stasis, obesity, and diarrhea.

Can Rabbits Eat Hamster Food

Risks Of Overfeeding Hamster food To Rabbits

The nutritional requirements of rabbits are pretty different from the nutritional needs of hamsters, so if we overfeed hamster food to our bunnies, they may develop the following health issues

GI Stasis

Rabbits most often get GI (gastro-intestinal) stasis, in which food passes very slowly through the digestive tract, and this condition is due to the deficiency of fibers and water in the diet of rabbits. As we know, hamster food has less fiber and is dry for them, so it cannot pass through the digestive tract of your rabbit easily, and rabbits can develop GI stasis.


The high amount of fats in hamsters’ food is enough to make your rabbit obese. Obesity in rabbits may lead to other health issues like joint diseases, liver diseases, and heart diseases.


When you feed your rabbit food containing extra nutrients, your rabbits may develop diarrhea. The digestive system of rabbits is susceptible and cannot digest high amounts of nutrients simultaneously, so they show symptoms like loose stools or diarrhea.

Liver Fatty Disease

If your rabbit eats food rich in fats as the rabbit’s digestive system cannot digest it, it may accumulate in the liver and cause lipids and several liver injuries. If you leave this condition untreated in your rabbits, it may lead to liver failure and, eventually, the death of your bunny. 

Rabbits digestive system is not suitable to digest processed foods such as noodles, get complete information from blog post, “can rabbits eat noodles”.

Can Rabbits Eat Gerbil Food As A Balanced Diet?

No rabbits should not eat gerbil food as a balanced diet because it is also rich in fats and protein, which is not suitable for rabbits. Gerbil food is made up of nuts, grains, and cereals, which is not ideal for the digestive process of rabbits; however, hamsters can eat them safely.

Moreover, the gerbil food is dry, which can cause GI stasis, diarrhea, vomiting, digestive issues and obesity in your bunnies. Gerbil and hamsters have almost the same nutritional demand so they can eat the same foods, but rabbits cannot. Rabbits are herbivores( animals that only eat plants); on the other hand, gerbils and hamsters are omnivores( animals that can feed on plants and meat), so they have different nutritional demands.

Can You Feed Your Bunny Hamster And Gerbil Food?

No, rabbits cannot eat hamster or gerbil foods because they are herbivores and need a fiber-rich diet. While gerbils and hamsters are omnivores and require a fat and protein-rich diet, they have different nutritional demands. Moreover, the digestive system of rabbits is so delicate that if we feed a diet to them that is less in fiber, then rabbits may develop GI stasis(slow passing of food through GI stasis). In contrast, the digestive systems of hamsters and gerbils are well designed to digest the high amount of fats and fibers. Rabbits should also not eat food like corn which hard to digest and processed foods like noodles or pasta because they have week digestive systems.

Why Hamster Food Is Not Suitable For Rabbits?

Hamster food is not suitable for your bunny’s health because it is rich in nutrients that can make rabbits ill, due to the high fats, protein, and carbs content in hamster food. Hamsters and rabbits are two of the most popular small animal pets that people own, but it is very important to recognize the differences between them. Hamster food is unsuitable for rabbits because they have different dietary needs. 

Rabbits require a balanced diet which should be a combination of hay, small amounts of fresh vegetables, and fruit. They need an average amount of minerals and nutrients in their diets due to their weak digestive system. On the other hand, hamsters are omnivores that need more protein in their diets than rabbits. Hamster food contains too much protein and fat which is very risky for rabbits’ health if they eat them regularly.

Is Hamster And Rabbit Food The Same?

No, hamster food and rabbit foods are different from each other because of their nutritional values. Moreover, hamsters are omnivores and need a diet high in fat and low in fiber, while rabbits are herbivores and need a high fiber and low-fat diet.

Hamster food mainly consists of seeds, nuts, and grains like corn, wheat, and oats. In addition, they also eat specially fortified pellets to get the proper nutrients. On the other hand, rabbits mostly eat hay, leafy greens, fresh vegetables such as carrots and spinach, and small amounts of fruits. Rabbits and hamsters may look the same in appearance, but they have very different nutritional requirements.

Nutritional Requirement of Hamster

The nutritional requirement of hamsters depend upon their age, such as;

Age Of Hamster Fiber Protein Fat
Young Hamster 8-10% 19-20% 7-8%
Adult Hamster 10-12% 17-18% 6-7%
Senile Hamster 12-15% 15% 6-7%

Nutritional Requirement of Rabbit

Adult Rabbits need the following amount of nutrients.

Nutrients Percentage(%)
Protein 12-15%
Fibers 20-27%
Fats 2 – 3.5%

Reasons Why Rabbit Owners Feed Hamster Food   

Many people think that rabbits and hamsters are similar in appearance so they may share food of the same nutritional value. Still, it is not true because these animals have different natures and health requirements, so we must search for the type of food we feed them. Some rabbit owners prefer hamster food for their bunnies for the following reason.

  • Hamster food looks like pellets that we feed to our bunnies
  • Hamster food is easily available in the market
  • Hamster food is cheaper than the pellets of rabbits.


What To Do If Your Rabbit Ate Hamster Food?

If your rabbit has accidentally overeaten hamster food, you must observe its health closely, especially its stool and urine. You must consult your vet immediately if your rabbit has loose stool or diarrhea and the urine color is darker. Moreover, after overeating a hamster’s food, your rabbit may develop gas, boating, and vomiting, so you must consider these symptoms and resolve them. If you ignore these symptoms, your pet rabbit may suffer from severe health risks like fatty liver disease.

Is Hamster Food Healthy for Rabbits?

No, hamster food is not healthy for your bunny’s health because it consists of high amounts of fats and protein and less fiber, while rabbits need more and less. It would be best to feed your rabbits a kind of food that is rich in fibers, like hay, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Hamsters are omnivores and can eat high-fat food, but rabbits are herbivores, and their digestive system does not allow them to eat such foods. Rabbits need food that can pass through their digestive system smoothly and is full of fibers.


Rabbits should not eat hamster food because it is rich in fats and less in fiber, while rabbits need a diet high in fiber and low in fats. If rabbits eat small amounts of hamster food once in a while, it does not hurt their health, but eating more frequently can lead to gas, diarrhea, GI stasis, and liver diseases. The digestive system of rabbits is not suitable for digesting high-fat food, so we must not feed them these kinds of foods. Moreover, it would be best if you feed fresh hay and small amounts of vegetables and fruits.

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