Can Rabbits Eat Honey? (Risks Of Overfeeding)

Rabbits love to eat Honey because of its sweet and delicious taste and it is rich in vitamins and sugar. Rabbits usually eat a diet that is high in fibers like hay and pellets but eating the same kind of food every day can make them bored, and they may resist eating them. Therefore, give your rabbit some fruits and vegetables to add good flavors and extra nutrients in their diets. This article covers all the information on whether you can feed honey to rabbits and also the risk factors associated with it.

However, can rabbits eat Honey? Rabbits can eat honey in moderation, but you should not feed them because honey contains extra amounts of sugar that can be poisonous and lead to intestinal issues. You have no choice even to feed raw or organic because all types of Honey are low in fiber and rich in sugar, which leads to dental issues and obesity in pet rabbits.

Can Rabbits Eat Honey

Table of Contents

  1. Risks Of Overfeeding Honey To Rabbits
  2. Can You Add Honey To Other Rabbit Food?
  3. Sugar Contents In Honey
  4. Why Is Honey Dangerous For Bunny
  5. FAQ
  6. Can Rabbits Eat Honey Conclusion

Risks Of Overfeeding Honey To Rabbits

Rabbit’s GI system is so delicate and sensitive that it cannot digest high-sugar foods. However, if your rabbit has unintentionally eaten too much Honey, the following risk factors are associated with his health.


Overfeeding Honey to your rabbits may lead to diarrhea that is the result of  improper digestion. If you give such foods that are low in fiber and high in sugar cannot be digested and result in diarrhea.

Dental Issues

As we all know, honey is a rich source of sugar, and overfeeding Honey to your bunnies results in dental issues. Sugar in Honey attacks your bunny’s tenths and gums, making them weak so that they cannot even chew normal hay, and they feel pain in their gums. Due to the pain in the gum, they may leave eating everyday food.

GI Stasis

Eating too much Honey is poisonous to rabbits and can cause GI( gastrointestinal) stasis in them. GI stasis occurs when you feed a diet to your bunny that is rich in carbs and poor in fibers resulting in the slow passage of food through the GI tract and results in GI stasis. The main symptom of GI stasis is gas, and if gas remains stuck in the GI tract for a long time, it may result in severe health issues or even the death of your bunny.

The symptoms of gas may include;

  • Anorexia(loss of appetite)
  • Pain in the belly
  • Silent behavior of rabbits
  • Bruxism( a condition in which rabbits clench their teeth)


Overfeeding Honey to your bunnies results in obesity due to high levels of dextrin, glucose and sucrose, which play an important role in increasing weight.

Can You Add Honey To Other Rabbit Food?

It is not healthy to feed Honey in any way. In this article, I would like to share my personal experience of serving Honey to my bunny. Once I poured some amounts of honey on apple pieces and served my bunny. I noticed that my bunny is taking more interest while eating this combination.

After 2 to 3 treats, I found my rabbit with diarrhea. I immediately consulted my vet. He asked me about the history of my bunny diet. I explained everything to him about adding Honey to my rabbit’s diet. He told me that my rabbit became sick due to Honey because his digestive system could not digest this. It would be best if we choose diets for rabbits that suit their stomachs. Honey is not poisonous if you serve it once in a while, however giving more has health problems for rabbits even in raw or processed form. It is best to feed small amount of vegetables and fruits such as apple, blueberries, banana, cabbage, and other leafy greens.

Sugar Contents In Honey

Honey is a combination of different types of sugar.100 grams of honey contain following amount of different types of sugar, such as;

Ingredients Amount per 100 grams
Energy 304 kcal
Glucose 35.8 g
Fructose 40. 9 g
Sucrose 0.89 g
Maltose 1.44 g
Galactose 3.1 g
Water 17.1 g

Why Is Honey Dangerous For Bunny

Rabbits require a meal that suits rabbits’ digestive tract such as food rich in fiber and poor in fats or carbs. If we talk about Honey, it is not suitable for a rabbit’s gut as it is rich in carbs and low in fibers. Don’t feed honey as it has no positive impact on your bunny’s health. Moreover, Honey can cause an upset rabbits’ digestive system and even develop life-threatening complications in them.

When a rabbit eats Honey, its digestive system cannot break down the fructose, maltose, dextrose, and glucose present in Honey. Eating Honey leads to gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, bloating, and gas in your rabbits. In more severe cases, it could even lead to dehydration or death of your bunny due to electrolyte imbalances caused by the sugar content in the Honey.

Rabbits don’t need added sugars in their diets because their digestive system cannot digest the sugar well, which is not even healthy for them. Moreover, honey is a low-fiber and high carb diet that allows the growth of bad bacteria in the cecum and hindgut digestive tract of a rabbit. Rabbit owners should avoid giving honey whether raw or processed. In summer you can feed ice-cream to rabbits in small amount but feeding more can be dangerous as it is rich in fats and sugar.


Can Rabbits Eat Honey Nut Cheerios?

No rabbits cannot eat honey nut cheerios because this is a processed food, and rabbits’ stomachs are unable to digest the processed food. Honey nut cheerios are too sugary due to the added Honey, which can lead to health issues like diarrhea. Additionally, the nuts can cause choking issues in your bunny; hence it is best to feed hay and water to your bunnies that suit their healthy lifestyle.

Can Rabbits Have Honey In Treat?

Rabbits like sweet foods like Honey and other sweet food items, but being an owner of rabbits, we have to see what is safe to feed our bunnies and what to avoid.

As Honey is rich in carbs, that is not a suitable diet for our bunnies, even as a treat. Because if you feed Honey only as a treat or even in very small amounts, the super high sugar content causes stomach issues and obesity in your bunnies. 

What To Do If Your Rabbit Honey?

If your bunny has eaten too much Honey, you should observe its health closely. You can also check their poop for any signs of indigestion, and if your rabbit is constantly pooping more than normal, you should immediately consult your vet. If you see that your bunny takes Honey and is not feeling well due to poor digestion, you can feed them hay because hay is rich in fibers that improve the digestion in your bunny. 

Can Rabbits Eat Honey Conclusion

Honey is not a safe choice for your rabbits due to the variety of sugars present in it. Avoid giving honey to your bunnies because it contains high amounts of sugar and sugar can cause serious health issues like diarrhea, dental issues, weight gain, and sometimes GI stasis. It is best to feed hay, water, and some fruits and vegetables low in sugar and carbs. Honey is opposite to the kind of diet that your bunny requires as it is low in fiber and carbs, so never think to feed your bunny with Honey even as a treat.

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