Can Rabbits Eat Nectarines? (The Risks If You Overfeed Your Pet)

Rabbit’s healthy diet includes hay, water, and some pellets and nectarine is a juicy vegetable that belongs to the genetic variation of peaches. It is usually a summer fruit. It has a high amount of water and is rich in vitamins A and C. You must be thinking if you can also serve it to your rabbits, in this article we will talk about how we can give nectarine to our bunnies.

However, can rabbits eat nectarines? Yes, you can give nectarines to your rabbits but as a treat. Nectarines have a large amount of sugar and are rich in nutrients such as vitamin c, folate, vitamin k, phosphorus, magnesium, and many others. You can Serve nectarines to your rabbits twice a week, make sure they are at least seven months old.

Table of Contents

  1. Can Rabbits Eat Nectarine Peels?
  2. Can Rabbits Eat Dried Nectarines?
  3. How to Feed Nectarines to Your Bunny?
  4. Nutritional Values
  5. Can Rabbits Eat Nectarine Leaves?
  6. How Many Nectarines Can a Rabbit Have?
  7. Tips For Feeding Nectarines To Rabbits
  8. Can Rabbits Eat Nectarines And Peaches?
  9. Do Rabbits Like Eating Nectarines?
  10. Risks Of Overfeeding Nectarines To Your Rabbit
    1. Dental Issues
    2. Overweight
    3. Diarrhea
    4. GI Stasis
    5. Gas and Blotting
    6. Gut Motility
  11. FAQ
  12. Conclusion
Can Rabbits Eat Nectarines? (The Risks If You Overfeed Your Pet)

Can Rabbits Eat Nectarine Peels?

Your rabbits can have nectarine peels in their diets but only as a treat. The outer surface of the nectarine is smooth and hairless, much more than traditional peaches. Nectarine peels have a good amount of nutrients and are less sugary but make sure rabbits are eating nectarine peels only as a treat, if you will give nectarine peels as a regular diet, these can cause digestive issues.

Can Rabbits Eat Dried Nectarines?

Yes, rabbits can enjoy dried nectarines. Nectarines are like stone fruits with high amounts of fiber and are a healthy source of food for rabbits. But it’s always better if you feed fresh fruits and vegetables to your bunny. Dry vegetables like zucchini and fruits are very tough to chew for rabbits and cause digestive problems for them. The presence of vitamins A and C in nectarine benefits your rabbit’s skin and immune system.

How to Feed Nectarines to Your Bunny?

Nectarines have smooth and velvety outer covering, you can find different color varieties of nectarines such as yellow, pink, and white nectarines. 

Following are some tips that will show you how you can feed nectarines to your rabbits.

  • It is essential to remove the pit because it can be difficult for rabbits to choke them.
  • Feed fresh skin and flesh to your rabbits
  • You can also feed a moderate amount of dry nectarine
  • Only feed a moderate amount of nectarines to your pet rabbit
  • When you feed fresh fruits, it is very important to wash them, it will remove the waxy material and harmful chemicals from the surface of nectarines.

Nutritional Values

100 grams of nectarine fruit contain the following amount of nutrients;

Nutrients Amount
Energy 39 Kcal
Dietary Fibers 1.5 g
Carbohydrates 9.45 g
Sugar 8.39
Fat 0.25 g
Vitamin C 6.6 mg
Protein 0.91 mg
Vitamin E 0.73 mg
Calcium 6 mg
Iron 0.25 mg
Phosphorous 20 mg

Can Rabbits Eat Nectarine Leaves?

Yes, rabbits can eat nectarine leaves in small amounts because they have high sugar levels and you can only give them occasionally. More sugar in nectarines can cause gastrointestinal problems such as bloating and diarrhea. It will be good if you serve a few leaves of nectarine because eating more leaves can cause high blood sugar levels and other health issues.

How Many Nectarines Can a Rabbit Have?

High fiber content is very healthy for rabbits and only one or half of nectarine is enough for your rabbits in a day because it contains all the nutrients that can fulfill the 1 day’s nutritional demand for your rabbit. If you provide more amounts of nectarine, it can be dangerous as this fruit is rich in sugar, which can lead to diabetes in your bunny. Try to feed this fruit only as a treat, not as a regular diet, and it’s better to serve it with hay and other fruits and vegetables.

Tips For Feeding Nectarines To Rabbits

Rabbits can eat nectarines under some precautions such as;

  • Make sure you are serving ripe nectarine to your bunny because unripe or hard nectarine can cause choking issues and stomach pain in your bunny.
  • You can feed only a small amount of nectarine to your bunny because eating more can cause severe health issues like diarrhea.
  • You must remove the pit from nectarine because it’s a bit hard from the rest of the fruit, and your rabbit may find it hard to chew.
  • It’s better to wash nectarine to remove any waxy material or pests that can be dangerous to the rabbit’s health.
  • Try to give nectarine in combination with other fruits like peaches and vegetables or give them as a treat only.

Can Rabbits Eat Nectarines And Peaches?

If you are serving peaches and nectarine together, it will be the best nutritious combination for your rabbit diet. This combination can fulfill the most nutrients and water requirements of your rabbit, these both fruits are very juicy and can hydrate your rabbit.

Make sure that you have removed the seeds, pits, and stalk before serving because these can lead to GIT issues in your rabbit. One teaspoon of peaches and nectarine will be enough for your rabbit that you can serve them one or two times a week.

Although the combination of peaches and nectarines is good, you should not feed your rabbits because they have high sugar levels, which can cause diabetes in your bunny and other health issues.

Do Rabbits Like Eating Nectarines?

Rabbit love to eat juicy and sweet foods, and nectarines have both of these qualities. Once, I served my rabbit with a minimal amount of nectarine to check whether he liked it. I observed that he was enjoying this fruit, and when I gave him more, he enjoyed it.

I also asked my friends and relatives who have rabbits about feeding nectarines. They told me that their rabbits also loved the taste of nectarines, so you can also try it and observe what I have experienced.

Risks Of Overfeeding Nectarines To Your Rabbit

Feeding nectarines in small amounts is good, but overfeeding can cause many health issues in your rabbits such as;

Dental Issues

Due to the high sugar content in nectarine, your rabbit may develop some dental issues if they eat more.


If your rabbit is old and you are feeding him more nectarines, he will gain more weight due to slow metabolisms.


If you feed your rabbit more nectarines for the first time, it may develop diarrhea in them, so it’s always better if you serve small amounts of new food and observe their health closely.

GI Stasis

Overfeeding fibers can cause GI stasis because it disturbs the metabolism of your bunny. It can also be due to the deficiency of threads in your bunny’s diet.

Gas and Blotting

If your rabbit has eaten more nectarine it will create gas and blotting problems.

Gut Motility

Overfeeding nectarine can also lead to gut motility in your rabbit.

If you observe any of these signs and symptoms mentioned above, you should immediately consult a good veteran.


What Type Of Nectarine Can I Feed To My Rabbit?

You can feed your rabbits different varieties of nectarine, such as white nectarine, yellow nectarine, and red nectarine. All types of nectarines are different from each other in terms of their flavor and texture. You can also give nectarine leaves and stems to your rabbits as they are very nutritious, although all these varieties are safe for your rabbits to eat.

Can Rabbits Eat Nectarine Leaves?

Yes, you can feed nectarine leaves to your bunny, they are safe but avoid overfeeding them because of the high sugar content in the leaves that can lead to GIT issues, obesity, blotting, and diabetes. So keep moderation while feeding nectarine leaves to your rabbit in order to avoid any health issues.


Rabbits have sweet teeth and they love to eat sweet foods. Nectarine is healthy and nutritious food for your rabbit, it is rich in different types of nutrients. If you are feeding nectarines one to two times per week it will be fine only if the rabbit is at least seven months old because baby rabbits have delicate stomachs. Remember you should not replace it with the regular healthy diet of hay and pellets, you can only give them as a treat to your loving rabbits.

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