Can Rabbits Eat Orange? (+Risk Of Overfeeding)

If you’re intent on spending time with a pet that you enjoy, you ought to consider getting a rabbit. Rabbits typically require a small space of around. There ought to be a litter box on one end and a feeding station with hay, pellets, and water on the other.

However, Can rabbits eat orange? Yes, you can give oranges to your rabbit but in moderation. Oranges are also very acidic, which can cause problems for rabbits therefore one to two small pieces of oranges in a day will be enough.  It is rich in fibers such as pectin that help to remove toxins from the intestines of your rabbit.

Table of Contents

  1. Nutrients In Different Types Of Oranges
  2. How Many Oranges Can I Feed To My Rabbit?
  3. Can Wild Rabbits Eat Orange Peels And Leaves?
  4. Can I Give Orange Seeds To My Rabbit?
  5. Risk Of Overfeeding Oranges To Rabbits.
    1. Obesity
    2. Dental Problems
    3. Gastrointestinal stasis
  6. Can Rabbits Have Orange Juice?
  7. FAQs
  8. Conclusion
Can Rabbits Eat Orange

Nutrients In Different Types Of Oranges

100 grams of different types of oranges contain a variety of nutrients;

Nutrient ContentCommonNavelValenciaTangerine
Carbs11.75 g11.8 g11.89 g13.34 g
Proteins0.94 g0.91 g1.04 g0.81 g
Sugar9.35 g8.57 gNot listed10.58 g
Water86.75 g86.7 g86.34 g85.17 g
Fat0.12 g0.15 g0.3 g0.31 g
Dietary Fibers2.4 g2 g2.5 g1.8 g
Vitamin C53.2 mg59.1 mg48.5 mg26.7 mg

How Many Oranges Can I Feed To My Rabbit?

You can give your rabbit a pinch of oranges, depending on the size of the bunny. Small breed bunnies like Netherland Dwarfs can eat half a slice once or twice a week. Large breed bunnies, like Flemish giants rabbit, can eat half a slice once or twice a week. 

And here’s a particular table that will help you decide how much sugar to give to your rabbits.

Rabbit’s weight based on breedAllowed sugary treats
1.1–3.5 pounds(Small breed)1 teaspoon
6 to 10 pounds (Medium breed)1 to 2 tablespoon
9 and 12 pounds (Large breed)2 to 3 tablespoon

Can Wild Rabbits Eat Orange Peels And Leaves?

Yes, wild rabbits can eat orange peels. Orange peels are excellent sources of a variety of fibers and other nutrients. Orange peels have anti-inflammatory properties which protect your bunny from a variety of infections. Few orange peels would be enough because too many can cause some gastrointestinal problems in rabbits. The orange peel protects you from weight gain as it reduces cholesterol level. Orange leaves can be given if you are sure that they contain no pests on their surface.

Can I Give Orange Seeds To My Rabbit?

Rabbits can eat orange seeds, but different veterans suggest not feeding seeds oranges as part of their healthy diet. Orange seeds can be unhealthy for rabbits and can cause constipation because the digestive system of rabbits may not digest them properly. A small number of orange seeds are fine but if they have eaten more seeds then immediately consult Veterinarian for precautionary measures.

Risk Of Overfeeding Oranges To Rabbits.


Overeating oranges can lead to obesity when consistently consumed in large amounts.

Dental Problems

Feeding rabbits too much sugar and citrus could have adverse health effects on their teeth. Rabbits with bad teeth could become seriously ill because of not eating properly.

Keep an eye on your rabbit’s teeth to ensure that there are no signs of dental problems such as, 

  • Weight loss
  • Bad breath
  • Reduction in food intake
  • Dribbling
  • Broken or twisted teeth
  • Watery eyes
  • Runny nose

Gastrointestinal stasis

Gastrointestinal stasis is the most serious threat when rabbits overeat on low-fiber diets. Toxified oranges are particularly toxic to rabbits, as not only are they low in fiber, but they’re also high in sugar, which is detrimental to gastrointestinal health. If your rabbit exhibits signs of gastrointestinal stasis, make sure you take them to a vet right away.

Can Rabbits Have Orange Juice?

Yes, rabbits can have orange juice, but only in moderation. Drinking more than normal quantities of orange juice can lead to digestive issues in your rabbits. A great amount of citric acid in orange juice can also cause tooth erosion and other tooth problems. Rabbits should only drink a smaller quantity of orange juice. If you give your rabbit too much orange juice, it may suffer from diarrhea or other digestive issues. The acidity in orange juice can also damage your rabbit’s teeth over time. Therefore, it’s important to only give a moderate quantity of orange juice to your rabbit.


Can My Rabbit Eat Peels Of Oranges?

Orange peels can be very good for the health of your rabbit. But again, only as a treat. Rabbits need a multitude of nutrients, and peels are a great source for some of these. But, they should be used to provide a small treat alongside an animal’s normal diet. You can serve fresh and clean peels of orange with no pesticides on their surface. All rabbits don’t like eating orange peels, some can reject eating peels because of the bitter taste.

The proportion of orange peel needed by a rabbit will depend on its size. Small rabbits won’t have as much orange peel as large rabbits.

How Often Can Rabbits Have Oranges?

One to 2 slices of orange per week will be a good choice for rabbits. A good quantity of vitamin C in oranges is a healthy treat for your bunny, other than this oxidants and fibers also have a good percentage in oranges. There are some precautions that you must take while feeding your rabbits; first of all, remove seeds before feeding them to your pet. Second, start with a very small slice of orange at once because a greater amount of orange can disturb the Gastric system of your rabbit.

How Can I Feed Orange to My Rabbit?

As a healthy treat a moderate amount of orange can be served to the rabbits. Remove all seeds before serving and it will be better if you peel off the skin too. A complete slice of orange or small pieces of orange is a good way of serving. You can either give your rabbit a whole slice of orange or cut it up into smaller pieces. If you are serving your rabbit with orange skin it may be ignored because of its super bitter taste. 

The orange taste is enjoyable for rabbits and they can also eat orange peels. If it is the first feed of orange for your rabbit, start to give it a very small amount and observe how they behave. Some rabbits may not be able to tolerate the acidity of oranges and may experience digestive problems.

If this occurs, stop feeding them oranges and consult your veterinarian. At a time you should only feed a small piece of orange to your rabbit because eating more citrus fruits can cause stomach disturbance.


Oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C. It also contains a variety of other nutrients. While feeding oranges you must keep some precautions in mind. For one, oranges should only be given as an occasional treat. Because more levels of sugar can cause hyperglycemia or diabetes in rabbits.

Secondly, exclude the seeds and any other hard parts from the orange before feeding it to your rabbit. This will help prevent them from choking or getting an intestinal blockage. Dried oranges also can also be a healthy treat for your bunny. Overall, oranges are a healthy treat for rabbits and can be given to them every day. 

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