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Worried about your cat? Read advices from expert veterinarian Julia Laign and be sure that your cat is alright.

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14 Best Dry Cat Food to Buy in 2019

Meow, Meow guys! Daffy and I‘ve been sitting and thinking lately about food. Well, my lovely fluffy friend is not a fussy eater, though I am always extremely attentive to those things it tucks...


Cat Cuddling Benefits

There is something special about the owner’s relations with cats. All of us are attached to our fluffy, funny, affectionate chummies; sometimes we cannot watch for the time when we have ability hold them...

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The Best Cat Trees to Buy in 2019

Here’s to all of the cat lovers out there! If you are a happy cat owner, you know how challenging it may be to satisfy their needs. Do you regularly visit pet stores, looking...

First Time Cat Owner Guide 0

First Time Cat Owner Guide

You have never had a cat, but was dreaming about it all the life? Nothing surprising, they are adorable! Their love can’t be measured, as can’t be measured feeling of happiness from a purr-song....

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Why Does Cat Suddenly Go Crazy?

Though cats are usually sleepy and calm, they may suddenly change their behavior. That’s quite difficult to understand why your pet goes crazy and feels so energetic. Loud mewing, running around the flat and...

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The 8 Best Cat Litter Boxes to Buy

So, your household has just become one cat richer and you’re in the seventh heaven of joy. Awesome! Nevertheless, cats, just like all other fluffy cuties, come with a new share of your responsibilities...