First Time Cat Owner Guide

first time cat owner

You have never had a cat, but was dreaming about it all the life? Nothing surprising, they are adorable! Their love can’t be measured, as can’t be measured feeling of happiness from a purr-song. Anyway, if you got ready to get a new fluffy (or in case of sphinx skinny) friend, you should be aware of all responsibility and conditions to make life together convenient and cozy for both ones.

Be aware of responsibility taken!

As have been already mentioned above, the responsibility for any pet is huge. If you think you can “try” and refuse kitten, if nothing works you, are deeply wrong. Cats are very tender, although look like independent, defenseless, although look like little tigers, and require care and attention from humans’ side. You will not only break its little heart, but even can kill it caused huge stress. This is why you may evaluate available options, preferences and schedule to realize are you really able to properly care little kitty?

cat ownership

Things to Know Before Getting a Cat

  1. Time to be spend with cat. As was previously mentioned cats look independent, although care, attention, love and petting are vital requirements. In case of often business trips or too loaded working schedule you may foredoom your kitty for unhappiness. As for you, in a best scenario you pet will sleep all day long waiting for you and will play, run, hunt in a time, when you are sleeping. To avoid such inconvenience, you may find nanny for a cat among your friends/neighbors, while you are in a business trip and either take two cats together, so they will play each other, or buy many toys and spend the time together on weekends.
  2. Children. The issue had 2 sides: cats can be hurt by little kid without evil intent, but nevertheless cat will have stress or even traumas. Or cat will harm your kid, that can give trauma (incl. mental) to the kid. To avoid it make sure you choose calm kitten and perform conversation with a child on correct rules of behavior.
  3. Take into account other pets, if any. Are they ready to live in a piece with new friend?
  4. Are you ready to spend funds for kitty? Cat is a little bit more expensive, that, for example, hamster. You may need kitten toilet, kitten bag, cat’s food that considers some genetic specifics of the breed, vaccinations, groomer and so on. You may need to monitor its weight, feelings, behavior, appetite (not too active, but existent), activity and in case of any unusual deviations find a cat’s doctor. In a same time too much activity may cause any breaks of the furniture, design of a home lace, broken dishes and so on. So not only cash, but time and attention also are expected to be invested in a pet to make your lives better. Additionally, don’t forget to notify lessor if any and be ready to prepare additional documents in case of relocation to other countries. Don’t leave cat alone or, what is worse, on a street, where it will die.

In case all of these points didn’t bring any doubts and you are sure you will be the best cat’s owner, please refer below to get know, how to act next.


To Do Before Owning a Cat

  • Care of your staff and of cat. Things made from glass, wood (without further processing), everything sharp and easy-to-break should be hidden. Additionally, it would be good to hide little valuable things out from cats’ eyes (and better paws), otherwise it would be hard for you to find them for a long time.
  • Make a research about the breed/specific cat. Ask veterinary/shelter’s employee/cat breeder about recommendations for feeding and possible genetic diseases to be attentive to. Be ready for stress covering your cat because of changing place for living and you, because you should spend time trying to calm down pet and showing new rules to be followed.

What Do Kittens Need?

  • Buy food, containers for food and water. Note, that gadgets with automatic portions are not so convenient for cats, as for lazy owners.
  • Liter (better couple of kinds), litterbox (related to your pet size). Check out our list of best cat litter boxes and cat litters to buy.
  • Carrier. Anyway, you will need to visit veterinary, so better to have appropriate “equipment” for movements if kitty feels weak.
  • Toys. Considering cats being predators, they need to hunt, but there’re no such opportunities at home. Toys can compensate it and satisfy main instinct. Cozy sleeping and climbing places can also be useful.
  • Prepare scratching bases. It’s naturally to trick nails for people, the same cat needs, although they cannot do it with scissors. If you don’t want furniture to be damaged it is better to buy scratching bases.
  • Staff for walks. Preferable harness and leash.
  • Cats shampoo and brush.

Please, treat your new friend as a child for first time without matter on its age. It’s afraid and don’t trust you for now. If you will be kind and patient the love of fluffy creature will be huge.

tips for new cat owners

Main Tips for New Cat Owners

  • Litter and scratching trainings have the same principles: you should show cat it is an owner of these staff. Bring some fur (got after brushing) on these places, so cat will feel its smell and will be sure he is in safe.
  • Purchase special grass grown for cats. Be aware of 2 main benefits: safe your plants if any, grass is useful for cats a lot, serves as joy and toy in a same time.
  • Be kind, but not too gentle. Acknowledge cat with “do” and “don’t” and be ready for encouragements and punishments respectively.
  • Show your pet to the veterinary to prevent or detect diseases.


All efforts, described above, will cover and totally compensate devotion and pure love from the most independent creatures. Its “purrrr” will make your heart melting, warm your soul and make you feel happy even in a time of the blackest stripes in a life.

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