10 Foods Your Dog Should Not Eat

food not share with dog

Though people sometimes treat their pets with usual human food, they may even don’t know that there are products which are dangerous for dogs. Let’s look through the list of forbidden meals to keep our small friends healthy:





Chocolate contains poisonous components such as methylxanthines (theobromine or caffeine, for example). After eating sweets dog may feel bad and suffer from vomiting with diarrhea. Bigger doses of chocolate call problems with heart, pulse increase and convulsions. One more dangerous illness is pancreatitis. It may appear after eating sweets with big concentration of fats. If your dog has already eaten forbidden product, you may calculate sweet’s toxicity using weight of pet, amount and kind of chocolate. That will help you to understand if there’s a necessity to call the doctor immediately.





This component which is also called sugar alcohol is used in products with no sugar as a sweetener. It is not very toxic for human.  However, dogs are too sensitive to xylitol. Eating products which includes component may decrease level of sugar in dog’s blood and cause hypoglycemia. Symptoms of illness include nausea, sickness, dizziness and coma. Xylitol is also dangerous for dog’s liver. That is why it is necessary to call the veterinarian if there is the slightest suspicion that pet has eaten xylitol.

Grape and Raisins

Though fruit is not dangerous for some dogs, other pets may suffer from renal failure after eating several berries. In severe cases grapes can lead to death. Unfortunately, veterinarians can’t name the toxic element hidden in fruit. The symptoms of renal failure include nausea with diarrhea, weakness, strong thirst and frequent urination. If there is no treatment, producing of urine stops. Dog dies because there is no possibility to save its kidneys.

Nuts of macadamia



Doctors haven’t found what element in nuts is dangerous yet. After eating product dog may suffer from nausea, weakness, high temperature and bad mood. Almost all pets feel better in two days, but sometimes special treatment is needed.

Garlic and onion



Plants contain sulfoxides, so they are dangerous for dogs when eaten raw and cooked.  One-two bites of onion or garlic may call nausea, diarrhea, weakness, problems with pulse, bad mood, fast breathing. Urine loses it color, but eyeballs becomes yellow. Salivation increases. If dog has eaten too many pieces of plants, its concentration of erythrocytes may become unstable which can call anemia.

Raw bread dough



Dough with yeast increases its volume in pet’s stomach. That may call dilatation with such symptoms as enlarged abdomen, increased salivation, stomach ache, vomiting without any results. Fermentation of yeast produces alcohol, which adds problems with orientation and weakness to the current clinical picture. Dog may suffer from convulsions and loose its consciousness.




Fruit contains persin. It is very dangerous for birds. Dogs rarely suffer from persin, only if too big piece of avocado is eaten. Then your puppy may have problems with its stomach including diarrhea.

Snacks with high salt concentration


Remember, that dogs can’t say they are thirsty! When human eats salty snacks, he or she usually drinks lots of water. Though one-two cookies with salt won’t hurt your pet, eating too many of them and drinking too few water may call dehydration. Clinical picture of illness includes vomiting, weakness, thirst, convulsions. Dog can lose its consciousness. Toxicity of salt may even lead to death!

Fat meat


Though meat is seemed to be absolutely “dog’s” food, not all kinds of it are useful. Fat pieces may call pancreatitis with symptoms such as stomach ache, vomiting, diarrhea. It’s better not to feed your dog with cooked bones because small pieces can split off and injure dog’s throat or stomach.




Lactose intolerance is not only human’s illness, but dog’s too. Though some dogs feel normally after drinking milk, other puppies have stomach ache, flatulence, diarrhea. Too sensitive pets may suffer from skin rash and itching.

Dogs shouldn’t eat too many snacks – up to 1/10 of all daily ration. Also its necessary to choose food, which wont injure pet. Fortunately, you may find different treats in the supermarkets or pet shops. Before giving one of them to your dog, consult with veterinarian and ask which kind of snack is allowed.

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    Is it okay if I ask you to add some more detail? Maybe give an additional example? Thank you!

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