7 Best Guinea Pig Care Tips

guinea pig care tips

Having a pet is a big responsibility. Talking about guinea pigs, it’s not so easy to look after them as you can think. There are hundreds of things a person should learn before understanding that this pet will make him or her a great company. But let’s focus on 7 main facts to sketch a portrait of guinea pig:

1) Guinea Pig Will be Your Pet for a Long Period.

Guinea pig lives less the cats and dogs do, but has a longer lifespan then hamsters and some kinds of aquarium fish. After you buy this animal it will bring you happiness for 5-7 years.

2) Guinea Pig Needs Friends.

This pets are not loners. They feel not so good when live alone and vice versa, became more active if have other pigs nearby. If you have no wish to breed animals, buy two pets of the same sex. Usually, both male and female guinea pigs find a common language, but be ready that pets may not get along. That is why if you are going to make a couple, it’s better to buy two young pigs and let them communicate from the very childhood. Anyway, adult animals can become a ‘family’ too, but with a smaller probability.


3) Guinea Pig doesn’t Like Small Living Areas.

Animals need a lot of space in their homes. Unfortunately, cages for guinea pigs which are sold in pet shops are too small for one pet only, and if you’re owning a couple, that’s going to be a real catastrophe. In any case, you are able to make a cage yourself – just find some instructions on the Internet. As guinea pigs are not tiny at all, they won’t escape through holes you may leave by chance.

guinea pig care

4) Guinea Pigs are Inspired Singers.

That is surprisingly, but these pets behave themselves quite loud. They often whistle or wheeze in order to get your attention or ask for some food. A whistle is not very loud to annoy your family and neighbors. But wheeze may become real trouble for those who don’t expect that. If you want to own a silent pet, the guinea pig is not your variant.

5) Guinea Pigs are Easily Tamed.

Do not be afraid if your pet is naughty or don’t like when you touch it at first. A continuous gentle attitude will make taming easy. Whenever you pet your pig, do that carefully. Disallow children to play with animal alone. One more advantage of having guinea pigs – they are not aggressive at all and bite really rarely.

6) Guinea Pigs Require Additional Vitamins.

Guinea pigs are similar to humans in their disability to produce vitamin C. The only way pet can get this important component is eating appropriate food. Your task is to choose balanced ration including fresh products which contain vitamin C. Moreover, it’s better to buy some additional food supplement. You may treat your pet with pills or add vitamin into water it drinks.

7) Some Guinea Pigs are Waiting for a New Family.

Before buying a pet from breeders, check animal shelter in your city. Unfortunately, people refuse their pets too often, so there are lots of guinea pigs who are waiting for a new loving owner. Don’t be afraid to adopt a pair of pigs from a shelter – they’ll become part of your family for sure!

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