How to Select the Most Suitable Hamster Name?

best hamster names

Hamster is successful decision of person, who needs a fluffy friend and don’t want to spend lot of time walking with it (like dogs need), performing whims (like cats require), feeding by another alive creature (like it is necessary for pythons) and so on, and so on. They also usually don’t cause allergic reactions, except bites and different kind of parasites, that can be avoided by you with appropriate care and attention to the pet. Additionally, cheeky friends are very active, so you can enjoy its funny run in a wheel, climbing in a cage, playing with sawdust and other things. As a separate benefit serve quite behavior, variety of available cute hamster names and cheap keeping costs at home. The best hamster food is not limited to corn, fresh fruits, boiled vegetables, mix of vitamins, minerals and proteins contained in ready-made granules. 

Also, possible way to teach child to care somebody is give him/her a little hamster, personalized as real friend by giving one of hamster names,chosen personally by kid, and show main keeping rules. So, what is happening, when the beast is chosen among many others and is already caught not only attention, but heart also?

Cute Hamster Names should be Taken into Account:

Boo BearPawsHoney
SweetyBrownieChocolate Chip
BooPopcorn/CornSugar Cookie

Hamster names aren’t limited to cute only but are funny too. There’s possibility, that specific variant selected among funny hamster names proposed below, will make your per become a real laughing catalyst.

Funny hamster names:

BudweiserMr. NibblesChurro

Boy Hamster Names:


List of the Best Hamster Names for Female Hamsters:

funny hamster names

Remember, good thought is to let lovely pet to join in hamster names assigning.

  • Hamster names specified on paper should be located near pet. The one, which will have more attention from fluffy side, should be assigned.
  • Find few things from the best hamster food, described above, and assign them with hamster names. Select one appeared in a pet’s cheeks.
  • You may give names to rooms at your place and watch where hamster will go first to choose respective name.

Before choosing a good name please study its behavior, image and other “features”. So, name will fully reflect the character of the fluffy beast.



  • List unpleasant or danger things are caused by hamsters?

Diseases are inherent for all alive creatures, although hamsters used to be rabies rarely than most of other pets.  

  • Can human names be given to hamsters?

Why not? Especially of it is associated with somebody respected or great.

  • How to get approval from parent for handling hamster?

There are 3 ways covering 3 possible reasons to reject you:

  1. If parents are afraid of your health, then deal to find a new friend only in proven places.
  2. If parents are afraid of hamster’s health, then propose steps for caring it and follow proposal made.
  3. Doubts whether it will be cared by you can be in place, then show them you are responsible child, gentle and able to care daily duties required from you.
  • What else male names can you offer?

For girls: Aggy, Agnus, Boress, Caspina, Windie

For boys: Dion, Elmo, Fluffball, Cooper, Kernel.

  • I’m an owner of 2 hamsters: black and white. Can you help to choose names for this couple?

Chocolate and Vanilla, Tom and Jerry, Snow White and Grizzly.

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