5 Tips to Kill Off Cat Pee Smell

kill cat pee smell

Though you may be a responsible and neat cat owner, it requires the only time for your cat to water, not into the litter box, and the heady scent will stick around for a while. And this should be a wake-up call since such a smell will only encourage your pet to act in the same vein. 

The urine of cats is not that distinct from the pee of other animals and as to other animals, it is necessary for them to mark their lands. That s why cat lovers perfectly know, that the hardest part of their business is the disposing of that smell. That is all because of mercaptans ammonia-like elements also present in skunk s spray giving it highly distinctive odor.

So, happy cat and nice flavor at home, do you want to have it all at once? Then, you should follow 5 simple pieces of advice. Here are they:

  1. Engrossing sponge.
  2. Check up the pantry.
  3. An enzymatic cleaner as a plan “B”.
  4. Wet Vacuuming as the final chord.
  5. In case of other surfaces contamination.

1. Engrossing sponge

The earlier you detect the puddle, the faster you suck it up, the sooner you will get rid of that smell. It’s unlikely to solve that after the pee fully adhering into the carpet, though the hope springs eternal and surely you may try.

2. Check up the pantry

Enzymatic cleaner without any doubt could work faster. But leave it alone. There is surely something in your pantry that may help, save you money and time.

– You will need 1.5 cups of warm water and a half of a cup of white vinegar. Mix it up and spray around the place of the dried puddle. Wait for 5 minutes and blot it all. Repeat a couple of times. The acid consisting of vinegar will absorb the smelly bacteria.

– Sodium bicarbonate in the baking soda makes a wonderful deodorizing effect. All you need to do is to dust the spot with the baking soda, leave it for 30 minutes and do the vacuum cleaning afterward.

– One more way to save your money on the enzymatic cleaner is to use Hydrogen Peroxide which will totally get shot of the stink. More than that is gentle with hardwood floors, though perfectly works on the carpets. You just need to pour it directly on the surface and let it dry for about 5-10 minutes.


3. An enzymatic cleaner as a plan “B”

The bacteria that are present in the cat`s urine are unstable to the enzymatic cleaner. However, it is important to use exactly the enzymatic cleaner. The fabric deodorant is an absolutely different thing. Its odor wouldn`t work as the repeller. Also, notice that the cleaner should be laid not only on that spot but around into the subflooring. As a rule enzymatic cleaner comes with a stain-blocking primer pouring under the carpet and more than that the padding should be taken to the different place.

4. Wet Vacuuming as the final chord

By pushing out clean water and sucking the dirty, this method could remove the odor and mud completely. It is the final stage after you have followed all the tips above. Take note to evade the use of the steam cleaner. As the heat could make the urine smell stronger and soak it up into the carpet.

5. In case of other surfaces contamination

Alas, peeing outside the litter box doesn`t mean automatically that the cat peed on the floor. You can find the puddle almost everywhere. Cushions, clothing, beds, and sofas are also in the risk zone. Even so, there is a hope to fix the unpleasant surprise from your friend. First, you need to rinse these items in cold water. Then they should be washed in the washing machine with your usual washing powder, but with the addition of one cup of baking soda or apple cider vinegar if there is no soda at home. In case the smell after this procedure remains, it is necessary to try one more time but with the addition of an enzyme cleaner. It is strictly not recommended to dry your bedding on the dryer, as this may stiffen the smell.

If your furry friend decided to mark your pillows, you need to rinse the area of damage with water as soon as possible and soak in the enzyme cleaner for 15 minutes. After that, the pillow must be blot. Make sure that you get rid of all the excesses of the cleaner. To wash the mattress you need to follow the same tips, but after an enzyme cleaner, let it sit and blot it, and then put a few towels on it before making the bed. Please note that towels you need to change the towels every day until it dries out.

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  1. Ada Blakeley says:

    I hadn’t thought of using baking soda! I have used the vineagar method before, because I clean almost everything with vinegar (we’re low-waste in our house, and water + vinegar works as a cleaner for most things). We have one kitty who has just a huge problem using the litterbox, though, and I needed something new to try. I’ll have to grab some baking soda on the way home from church tomorrow. Thank you for the tip!

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