The List of The Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

agressive dog breeds

If you are looking for a dog for your family, which will love you and your kids. It is very important to know the character of your future pet. I have prepared you the list of the most aggressive dog breed.

Villainous Dog Breeds

  • Chihuahua
  • Dachshund
  • Chow Chow
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • Dalmatian
  • Rottweiler
  • Jack Russell Terrier
  • German Shepherd
  • American Staffordshire/ Pit Bull Terrier
  • Siberian Husky

What I Did to Find Out the Most Dangerous Dog?

First of all, I read a lot of scientific articles, which testify that the list of dangerous dogs which I give you is truthful. The opinions were based on experts’ minds and researches. So that you can be sure that you will find the best dog for you from this list and avoid most dangerous dogs.

The American Temperament Test Society has tested these dogs from the highest to the lowest percentage that shows their level of temperament. The dogs that show signs and signals of aggression, panic, or extreme shyness during the test area with the lowest percentages and mean dog.

But of course, there are dogs with a lower percentage of aggressive behavior, but I made a list of ten the most popular aggressive dogs on which you have to pay your attention. But if you are interested in all range of aggressive dogs you can easily find it.

How can we defense the aggression of the dog’s behavior?

If the dog snarls, growls, snaps, bites, and lunges towards people or other animals you can consider this dog as aggressive and dangerous. There are several reasons why it conducts itself in a certain way, from protecting the territory to the fear or anxiety.

1. Chihuahua


  • The smallest dog in the world is Chihuahua according to the American Kennel Club.
  • This breed of the smallest dog considered as a toy dog and its size is from 4to 6 pounds.
  • The length of the hair can be short or long.
  • You can find so many different colors which can be detected at this dog.
  • Have you known that Chihuahua is the oldest breed dog in America?
  • Christopher Columbus was the first who took this dog in Europe. In Turn, it is originated in Mexico, the state Chihuahua.
  • Meanwhile, this kind of dog is not friendly to the children and it is one or two owner dog. So, if you are not an owner you can be bitten or snipped. Just keep in your mind that it is very hot-temper.
  • But you can keep this dog for alarming purposes so that it barks very often when seeing the unknown person.

Chihuahua Treatment Test

TestedPassedFailedPercent That Passed

2. Dachshund (Standard Smooth)


  • Dachshund is a kind of such dog hound.
  • Its weigh and approx size is from 8 to 32 pounds
  • The advantage is Dachshund is a very sociable dog has fun and play with small kids very well, but not tough games.
  • You can find Dachshund with different hair length and color.
  • This is the most popular dog in the United Staes of America now but it was originated in Germany in the 17th century and the purposes which it fulfilled was hunting for foxes and badgers.
  • If I assure you that your Dachshund is very affectionate in spite of her small size. It can lead to behavioral problems. You have to be ready for it.
  • Because of strong and powerful hunting instinct, your Dachshund can be very active when it sees hamsters, rats, mice or any other small pets. Please note it and be careful.

Dachshund Temperament Test

TestedPassedFailedPercent That Passed

3. Chow Chow

Chow Chow

  • It is not a bog dog with medium size, and it is considered as the non – sportive dog.
  • It has long and thick fur of color from crème to brown. Some dogs have even black and red colors.
  • The weigh is from 45 to 70 pounds
  • Do you know how this dog became popular? It happened because of President Kalvin Coolidge who owed this dog in 20th years.
  • As Dachshund Chow Chow was used as a hunting dog and it is a very ancient breed of dog that was spread from China to Mongolia.
  • Chow Chow is not a mild and tender dog, that’s why it is not recommended to people who want to have the dog for the first time because the character of this dog is dominant and assertive.
  • If you want to have a well0mannered dog, you have to devote enough time for training because you can lose control without constant and strong guidance.
  • The sight of these dogs is a weak point, that’s why they can be very easily hit.

Chow Chow Temperament Test

TestedPassedFailedPercent That Passed

4. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher

  • Doberman Pinscher is not a big dog and considered to be of medium size.
  • Its weight is from 70  to 90 pounds.
  • The fur is glossy and ranges from black to fawn colors among this color is red and even blue. The length of the hair is short.
  • Due to its sharp brain this dog was used at service in police as a guard.
  • Doberman Pinscher can get along with adults and children only when it has a strong pond with the muster and if it has good and regular training.
  • For the breeding of this breed, we thank Karl Luis Doberman (from Germany), who brought this breed of dogs for protection, as he traveled to distant lands to collect tribute.

Doberman Temperament Test

TestedPassedFailedPercent That Passed

5. Dalmatian


  • This kind of dog by the AKC is considered to be medium sized like Doberman.
  • The weight and size is from 45 to 60 pounds
  • The hair is thick bright and short with black and white spots on it.
  • If you want a social dog you have to give him the possibility to communicate with other dogs from an early age.
  • They love their masters and need enough attention from him or her. They are very friendly with children.
  • From the end of the 18th century, Dalmatians were used as a guard, as carriage dogs. But the real origin of this dog breed was not defined. But if you look at some Egyptian paintings you can see similar dogs behind chariots.

Dalmatian Temperament Test

TestedPassedFailedPercent That Passed

6. Rottweiler


  • Rottweiler is a large dog by the AKC test.
  • Rottweiler ranges in size and weight from 85 to 130 pounds.
  • The coat is thick and dense, the color is black with brown and red spots.
  • These dogs were used to hunting for bears and cattle herding by cowboys.
  • This bread of dogs is originally from Germany. They took their name from the small town Rottweil and they were known as Rottweil butcher’s dogs.
  • This kind of dog does not accept strangers easily. That’s why you have to use a leash when you take it out for a walk.
  • It is popular in the USA to work with Rottweiler in the Army and police. They are a good guard.
  • The the advantage is that this dog will always protect you and it will be bond with you very much.
  • If you have small children, I would not recommend you to have this dog because it is big and very active. But when your children grow you can take this big friend for them.

Rottweiler Temperament Test

TestedPassedFailedPercent That Passed

7. Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russel Terrier

  • Jack Russell Terrier is a small dog and it is size is from 14 to 18 pounds.
  • However, the AKC does not recognize this breed of dog because of some parent societies that find some opposition in this breed of dog. So, it is considered to be Parson Russell instead. But actually, it is almost the same with some slight differences.
  • It is white colored dog with some rust or black spots.
  • The fur can be either short or long, or even broken. If we call “broken” about dog’s coat, it is means coat of both long and short hair.
  • This breed of dog comes from England. the main purpose of which was hunting for foxes, groundhog and badger.
  • Jack Russell Terrier is very active and obstinate dog.
  • It is better not to have this dog if you have children because it is not very friendly to them.

Jack Russell Terrier

TestedPassedFailedPercent That Passed

8. German Shepherd

German Shepherd

  • Firstly, I have to tell you that I do not agree that this breed of dog is aggressive even if it was listed her. I am sure many owners of Shepherds agree with me.
  • Secondly, they are friendly to children. By the way, German Shepherd was not trained as a guard dog at all.
  • As AKC reported German Shepherd is a medium-sized dog.
  • The weight is between 70 and 85 pounds.
  • This race of dogs is origin is from Germany Karlsruhe. In the 1800 year, people knew about it more.
  • These dogs helped people during the first World War both German and French soldiers and officers.
  • They are good guardians that’s why they don’t accept strangers.
  • Have you ever known that German Shepherd was the first dog who was used as a guide dog for the blind? This dog is considered to be a good friend also for kids.
  • It is the most popular breed in America.
  • German Shepherd serves in police and helps to rescue people and finds drugs.

German Shepherd Temperament Test

TestedPassedFailedPercent That Passed

9. American Staffordshire/ Pit Bull Terrier

American Staffordshire

  • You can know this dog as American Pit Bull Terrier.
  • It is included in terrier group and weigh from 55 to 65 pounds. The size is medium.
  • Despite this dog has a name like American Staffordshire, it is origin in England, in the Staffordshire region,
  • This breed of dogs was bred specifically for the protection and dog fighting, but when she came to America and the fighting was prohibited, a more compliant breed of dogs was bred.
  • I should draw your attention that this breed of dog is very kind, loyal protective to it is master. Staffordshire gets along good with children.
  • But I firmly recommend you find our more information about this dog if you want to include it in your family.

American Staffordshire/ Pit Bull Terrier Temperament Test

 TestedPassedFailedPercent That Passed
American Pit Bull Terrier91379811587.4%
American Staffordshire Terrier71661010685.2%

10. Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

  • As AKC reported, Husky is medium-sized dog.
  • The size if from 35 to 70 pounds.
  • As this dog is Siberian it has double fur and hair of medium size.
  • You can find a lot of colors at this dog’s breed. It is black and white, red and white and even silver.
  • These dogs of the northern breed were used to pull sleds and for rescuing. They can withstand long distances in harsh climates.

From my own experience and observation of the Husky owner, I cannot tell you that this type of dog is aggressive, but it is listed in the aggressive range. That’s why we cannot take it into account. this breed of dog is very loyal and kind to children, but husky does not like to interact with other dogs.

Siberian Husky

TestedPassedFailedPercent That Passed

How to Understand the Result of The Test

Of course, I understand that people who read this article are not all doctors or dog handlers. So my goal as a doctor to help you understand it. I would doubt this test because not all dogs passed it in equal quantities. Just look for comparison, only 46 Chihuahuas have passed the test, but for some reason as many as 500 Rottweiler. Thus, how can we identify the percentages of aggression refer to this Test?

Conducting the Test

What is this Testbased on? Many aspects are taken into account. What are these aspects? For the stability of the temperament and behavior, aggressiveness, shyness, friendliness. The instinct aspects are also very important and essential. How the dog conducts itself towards the master andthread preservation in the thread. Here is an example, the dog was walking in the streets, where it met different situations. Kids, other dogs or animals like cats and other pets, strangers. The scientists observed how it reacted. There was also strange noise and different things in everyday life which the dog can meet. How the dog reacts and it was the result of the research.

The Speed of Passing the Test

For instance, the percentages that are indicated under each kind shows us how many dogs took part in temperament testing including all dogs of its breed, which were tested. I can explain to you it on the example with Chihuahua. We had 49 dogs but only 32 passed this Test. But the percentage was divided on a common number of dogs (46) in conclusion, the coefficient of passing this test was 69%.

The test determined Failure when:
– Aggression without provocation;
– Panic without possibility to recover;
– Firmly avoidance.

Approach disadvantages
– The ATTC test cannot be considered as an accurate measure and arrangments of aggression. Because firmly avoidance is a failure according to the test.
– As the number of testing dogs was not equal so that the percentage is not clear in this test.

Varied discussion: What are the most dangerous and meanest dog?

According to Cesar Milan, a famous behaviorist thinks that the breed which was artificially made by a human is the most dangerous. But in most cases, dog handlers cannot exactly define, which breed is the most dangerous and the angriest dog in the world.

He is firmly sure that we cannot refer only to statistic and we have to feel deeper in the situation. Anyone who has pit bull (at the time very rough, tough and meanest dog) can prove you how affectionate and even too tender this dog can be if you love it and take care of it with caresses.

I am sure many of you, my readers, have noticed how sometimes similar dogs and masters are. And this is the truth that we can copy each other. I can suppose that people with a certain type of character choose a certain kind of dog and then, in consequence, they train them for special needs, like protection, for example.  If the dog is raised in an aggressive and rude environment it copies the master’s behavior. Even kind and sweet dog can be cruel and dangerous. when you love your pet and reveal him your affectionate attitude, even mean the dog can hardly reveal its instincts.

To Sum Up

This article shows you the view on some aspects which were collected a lot of sources like books, articles, opinion of vets.  I insist that it is not the holy write and you must take into account how kind or aggressive will be your dog depends on many factors and circumstances like environment, your attitude, the background of the dog, how the former master took care of him.

This list is only theory and you have to take it into account as a point of departure. But how things are going between you and your dog and other people will depend only on you and your wise training.


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  1. Mari says:

    Hmmmm. This kind of thing makes me anxious. I’m not a huge dog person, but my boyfriend is thinking about getting a German Shepherd and I really just would rather get a cat or like a fish or something haha. I’m probably just a chicken. If I had to get a dog it would probably be a lab, most of those I’ve known have been fairly good with people.

    • Kyra says:

      Mari, It is not the dog! It is the owners and their lack of training or care and confidence. Believe it or not, a dog wants to know that the owner will protect them. My dog looks to me for instruction when another dog approaches , she looks at me for a clue to know she is safe. She is 86lbs! I give clear direction to my dog. I lead on othe walk, she walks along side of me and we don’t need a leash. I can put my hands down her throat to retrieve food. She submits and knows I love her, she knows she is safe. Dogs do not attack humans, unless they are in fear of their lives. And we would do the same, fight back when someone is hurting us. Don’t be with a dog person is you are afraid of dogs. Dogs are lovable and loyal. Also**** look up video of Australian Martin Mckenna who trains dogs. He is fantastic.

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