New Puppy Checklist: Essentials for Your Little Friend

New Puppy Checklist

As a birthday present or as a mindful decision to make a friend, as an accidental catch, or as a result of long disputes a puppy may appear in your home. And to be honest it is not that important in what way a little fluffy comes to you. The most essential thing is to make his accommodation nice and comfy. Puppy the same as any person needs a set of necessary items. So that`s why there is a puppy starter kit for you.

What to Buy for a New Puppy?

collar for puppy
  • Collar
    It doesn’t really matter, whether your dog`s collar is ordinary or extravagant. The main function is to hold the ID.  The collar shouldn’t be tight, and it shouldn`t be very loose as well. The best variant for the first puppy`s collar is the adaptable nylon collar with a two-piece clasp. As pup is constantly getting older and shifting its size, you can assume of buying several collars. Along with collar you should buy a GPS Tracker for your dog.
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woman and dog
  • Leash
    The training and an ordinary walk involve another important element – the leash, which joins to the collar. The link to the collar must be strong and of extremely high-quality. For your contentment, the leash should also have a noose that is easy to control. The starting point of the leash length is 4-foot than it can become longer, but only the successful implementation of the training system. 
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  • Leash holder
    Accidentally it is a very important part of an everyday routine. In order not to turn the containers in the hallway into a warehouse for toys and puppy things, you can simply buy elegant leash holders and the dog will always know where the leash hangs. And you, in turn, will never lose it among other things.
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Dog girl
  • Harness
    The harness is another essential for a puppy. It will help you with a walk a lot. Firstly it is much more convenient for a pup than a collar, as it will never suffocate it. More than that it reduces the risk of rubbing the dog`s skin. You need only to know the 4-legged friend`s size and energy. Take into consideration, that there are a few distinctive patterns of gear available to walk your dog like Kurgo’s strength harnesses, Wildebeest’s front leading harnesses, KONG’s reflective harnesses, etc. You need to do some research before buying it!
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bowls for puppy
  • Food and water bowls
    Your puppy’s tableware also matters. There are many different materials from which it can be made. Ceramic or stainless steel dishes, plastic crocks, and even glass bowls – here is a huge amount of dishes for puppies on the market today. Plastic is apparently the cheapest one. However, the low price also affected quality. The not very hard plastic is highly prone to scratching with claws. In these grooves, there can be bacteria that, if you do not thoroughly wash the dishes your dog eats, can have a negative effect on its health. The decision would be simple. First of all, do not choose the cheapest variant presented. The plastic should not be too soft. And secondly, such bowl should be replaced regularly. Ceramic dishware and glass bowls are weighty what prevents them from becoming the puppy`s toys. Though they can be quite expensive (not mention the fact that they can be broken easily) and more than that some ceramic bits can contain lead, which could be dangerous to your dog. So, when buying the ceramic ware, be sure that it is the lead-free product. The best of all are stainless steel bowls. It should be noticed, that they are much more expensive than the plastic and ceramic dishware. Complete list of great dog bowls you can find in this post.
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  • Food
    The happy life of your pup on 90% depends on its ration. The energy it can get only from the food of high quality. There are two types of food you may wish to feed your dog with: kibble, which is dry and canned food, which is wet. The letter will be better for babies as it will not injure their soft gums. Alternatively, dry food will be good for teeth. As the antibacterial effect helps to clean the teeth. Do not forget to ask your vet first! The kind of food and it`s brand depends on the puppy`s breed, age and health condition. Nonetheless, do not bother about money. Not all fashionable brands that seem to sell “healthy” products really do that. And there are a lot of budget-friendly local companies that offer cheaper food of more high quality with delivery.
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bed for puppy
  • Bed and House
    The first night at your home puppy should feel as restful as possible. And obviously, it needs a comfy bed to cuddle. Choosing the material for this bed, better stop on the sheepskin or on the fleece. These materials will keep the warmth and soften the surface of the crate. But remember that such variants are perfect only for the crate. There is nothing to do with them when the fluffy friend is trained. Now your fantasy can get wild. A wide range of pillows, cushions, dog-sized couches and even mattresses that will memorize the shape of your pup`s body will not only match to your house decoration but definitely bring your pup sense of his place. Do you want an eco- friendly bed? Not a problem! Such recycled materials as repurposed cotton or cola bottles are good raw material for dogs` beds. Scent control is also not a problematic question. Beds could be stuffed with cedar chips (or you can do it at home) to lessen the unpleasant smell. Do not choose too big beds. Dogs love to sleep in small, but cozy and safe in their opinion places.
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  • Containments
    Dogs in principle do not need a lot of space. But when choosing a container for transporting a puppy, make sure that he can lie there by their paws stretched out. Though such containers are not only the way of transporting. You can train your dog in it as well. Make sure that the materials are appropriate.  Those carriers can be made of such materials as fiberglass, plastic, and even stainless steel. It is thought that the crates made of stainless steel are the best and the most longeval. On the other hand, the lightweight plastic and fiberglass varieties make the flight on the plane safer in several times. When your dog will be at home it is also necessary to have an exercise pen, playpen, or gate. Think about playpen twice if you are unable to look after your pup 24/7. The panels of it could be converted to any area, including room or garden. You can also build a labyrinth to entertain your fluffy friend if you want to.  
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bones for dogs
  • Treats
    As an addition to the main ration, you can give your dog some treats. Do not buy a lot at once. Try a different brand and find your pup`s beloved one. Notice that there are different kinds of treats on the market such as all-natural, grain- and preservative-free treats.
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  • Toys
    If you don`t know how to prevent your puppy from biting all the furniture in your house, then there is a decision for your – toys. Sounds evident, isn`t it? Do not forget about this important point. Train your dog with these toys and then it will have what to chew and scratch. There are three main types of toys: eye-catching toys, such as flying discs and balls; rope and tug toys, which develop teeth while the pup plays; and smart toys that bring treats when pup complete the given task.
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Poop bags
  • Poop bags
    Whether you are living in a private house or in the apartment in the center of a busy city is a good neighbor is always the best you can do. Especially, if you are the owner of the dog. Picking up after your dog is the core of the good-neighbor-institute. That`s why when you and your fluffy friend go on a walk do not forget about poop bags. They are available in any pet shop nowadays.To conclude, it should be noticed, that this list of puppy essentials is not full. Do not also forget about grooming products – such things as a blow dryer, conditioning spray, nail clippers, toothbrush, and dog toothpaste and, of course, towels. However, it is not that important whether you have all of these items or not because every child 4- or 2-legged deserves love and understanding which is more important than any of the fancy toys or collars.
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  • ID tag
    Today there are several ways of your dog identification. First is the ID tag, where you can put any information that will help to find your dog as quickly as possible. Some people put on the ID tags their name and telephone number. If you want you can put also a puppy`s name on it. Do not let your dog walk around without the collar and this type of identification will work without admonitions. The second variant to identify your dog is to put a microchip under its skin between the shoulder blades. The dog won`t feel it, but it will give an opportunity to find the owner in 5 minutes due to the scanner as the pup is registered in the database. This procedure is also not that expensive and can be done in your local vet clinic.
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  1. Wayo says:

    This list is the best. We’re getting a puppy for our twins’ birthday, and I got a few things, but I wasn’t sure what else she needed! I had food and a leash and a little house, but we hadn’t even THOUGHT about getting an ID tag yet, and now I’m doing all sorts of research on the different types. I’ve settled on getting her chipped, I think, which is gonna be a little more expensive, but I think it’s worth it.

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